At the very onset of the campaign, the Rebbe stated that one Torah scroll—which has 304,805 letters—would surely not suffice for all Jewish children. The Rebbe also said that many more Jewish children would be born in the coming months and they should also purchase letters. Thus, the Rebbe instructed that when the Torah scroll was completed, a second Torah should be written.

Even while the celebrations surrounding the completion of the first Torah continued, work was already beginning on the next one. This time, however, it took five years for 304,805 children to sign up, and the second Torah was completed in the summer of 1986, the third in 1995, the fourth in 2005, a fifth in 2012, and a sixth in 2016.

All six Torah scrolls—embracing 1,828,830 Jewish children—reside in the Tzemach Tzedek synagogue in the Old City of Jerusalem, where the sixth Torah scroll is now being written.