Our introduction to the first volume of Please Tell Me What the Rebbe Said applies equally to the present volume:

Throughout the Rebbe’s nesius, he has shown a special regard and concern for children. The many children’s rallies and Tzivos HaShem activities demonstrate the great affinity the Rebbe shows for children and the major role they play in his outreach efforts.

Not only has the Rebbe inspired many activities involving children, he has also directed many sichos to them. But children have a great thirst to know, and they want to understand not only the talks directed to them in particular, but everything the Rebbe says. After sitting for hours on Shabbos afternoons, participating in the Rebbe’s farbrengens, and afterwards, the children would ask their parents: “Please tell me what the Rebbe said.”

* * *

Ever since Gimmel Tammuz, people all over the world — and specifically children who shared a vibrant and powerful relationship — are seeking to maintain their connection to the Rebbe. Since the Rebbe explained that this can be done by studying his teachings and carrying out his directives, children are still asking: “Please tell me what the Rebbe said.”

May the Torah and the prayers of the many thousands of adults and children who have learned to study and pray through the Rebbe’s inspiration hasten the coming of the Redemption and the fulfillment of the prophecy:1 “And those who lie in the dust will arise and sing.”

Then children will again sit at farbrengens and ask their parents: “Please tell me what the Rebbe said.”

Malka Touger


27 Adar I, 5755