With these words Vayikroh does end
These are the laws that Hashem does command
Laws of Kedusha and all the Dinim
Of the Mishkan, Korbonos and Kohanim

"If all my Mitzvos you will do
All the world’s good I’ll give to you,
The fields will bloom, the sun will shine
"Me rain will fall, in the proper time."

But though we may ask, "Why should we learn how
To do the things we cannot do now?
We’re still in Golus we’ve shed many tears
We’ve had no Bais Hamikdosh for two thousand years."

But the answer is really a very simple one
We want to be ready when Moshiach will come
Ready to bring Korbonos again
Remembering the promise, Hashem made to us... then