While the Children of Israel were busy with their preparations, Moses himself went up the mountain.

There G‑d said to him:

"Gather all the people together, but first speak to the women of Israel, so that they should hear and appreciate My teachings. And when My words have entered their hearts, they will help their husbands to train their children in the way of My Torah.

"And then, Moses, when you have finished speaking to the women, you will turn to the men and teach them all I have told you. You must not leave out one thing from all I have said!"

Moses then came down from the mountain and spoke to all the Children of Israel, exactly as G‑d had commanded him to do.

When Moses had finished speaking, they all called out together:

"All that G‑d has told us to do we will gladly do!"

Then G‑d asked what they had to offer as a guarantee that they would keep their word? For unless they offered Him satisfactory guarantors, He would not give them the Torah.

"The holy fathers of our people, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, will be our guarantors!" replied the people.

"No," answered the Almighty, "you must give me other guarantors, for Abraham questioned my word, saying: 'How will I know that I shall inherit the land of Canaan?' Isaac loved Esau who hated Me; and Jacob said when he was in trouble: `My path is hidden from G‑d!'
Therefore I must ask you for a still better guarantee than they could be."

The people of Israel considered for a while and then said to G‑d:

"Will You accept our children who will be born to us as guarantors, to let You know that we intend to keep Your Torah?"

"Your children are indeed the best guarantee that you can offer, and I gladly accept them as your pledge of trust!"

"We faithfully promise to study the Torah and teach the Torah to our children, so that they in turn may teach their children, and so on forever."

"Your words please Me very much," answered the Almighty, "and now I shall look forward to your good deeds."