A king can’t rule without subjects… It’s the Jewish people’s job to teach the world that G‑d will rule forever and ever!

It was late on the Sixth Day since G‑d began the Creation of the World. Everything was now ready, or almost everything. The sun shone brightly in the blue sky, and its rays playfully flickered in the clear waters of the rivers, brooks, and lakes down below. The meadows were green with fresh grass. The birds fluttered happily in the air. The woods were full of squirrels, and rabbits, and all kinds of animals, big and small…

But all the animals were dumb, and had no sense to know how they came to be, and who created them. And so G‑d decided to create the last and most wonderful creature, a creature who would be able to think, and talk and do wonderful things. This creature was Man.

When Adam opened his eyes and saw the beautiful world around him, he knew at once that G‑d created the world, and him, too. Adam's first words were “ G‑d is King forever and ever!" and the echo of his voice rang through the world.

"Now the whole world will know that I am King," G‑d said, and He was very pleased.

This was the first Rosh Hashanah —the first New Year! It was the birthday of Man, and the Coronation Day of the King of kings!

"Now, let's see… what do kings do on their Coronation Day?"He pondered, " they make that day a festival. The loyal subjects gather everywhere to express their love and loyalty to the king. They sound the trumpets and call out 'Long live the King!' The king is filled with love for his subjects, and grants them many favors and honors. He even forgives the bad men who acted against his wishes, if they feel sorry. Yes! That's what kings do on their Coronation Day! That's what I will do!"

And so G‑d made Rosh Hashanah a holy festival. We gather in the synagogues, sound the shofar, and express our love for our King and Father in heaven. And G‑d is very pleased and kind to all of us, and grants us a happy New Year.