"And you shall teach the Torah to your children, and you should speak about it when you are home and when you travel, before you lie down to sleep and when you wake up." (Deuteronomy. 6:7)

Torah tells our parents: "Daddy, Mommy teach ME to your children! I want them to know MY holy words!"

We should tell our parents too: "Daddy, Mommy, wouldn't you like to do the greatest and best thing of all for me? Then please teach me Torah.

"Teach me with love and care, until the verses reach into my heart and mind, and I remember them whether I'm at home or on the way somewhere, whether I'm going to sleep, or when I wake up."

If we ask from the heart, the way we know to ask for things we really want, they'll surely listen to us, and send us to a camp that is run the Torah way, and to a school where we can learn Torah, Mitzvos and Yiddishkeit.

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וְשִׁנַנְתָּם לְבָנֶיךָ וְדִבַּרְתָּ בָּם בְּשִׁבְתְּךָ בְּבֵיתֶךָ וּבְלֶכְתְּךָ בַדֶרֶךְ וּבְשָׁכְבְּךָ וּבְקוּמֶךָ

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