Purim Coloring Book

Purim Coloring Book

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Queen Esther
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Queen Vashti
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Purim Mitzvot 

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Illustrations by Mendy Lewis and Dini Polichenco
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Yehuda Shurpin for Chabad.org March 16, 2016

Re: Vashti The Talmud explains that the reason Vashti refused to go to the king was because Tzarat (a metaphysical skin affliction) broke out all over and she did not wish to be seen in an ugly state. In other words, it's not necessarily that she was always unattractive, on the contrary. However, G-d caused her to become ugly in order that she not go to the king, get punished (for how she acted toward her Jewish maidservants -a topic for a different time), and ultimately cause Esther to become queen. Reply

Gail Eisenberg Wilmette March 15, 2016

vashti Why is Vashti depicted as ugly? Is there textual support for this? Reply

Yafit Finkelstein March 7, 2016

Thank you Chabad, for these beautiful pictures. I printed them out for my 2 kids to color and learn about the Purim characters. Very helpful! Reply

Elkie lakewood, nj March 1, 2012

purim coloring book these pictures are beautiful! i used them as puppets by attaching a popsticle stick to each one and my two - three year old class loved it. it made the story come alive and made it so much more exciting! Reply

Anonymous CHARLOTTE, NC March 11, 2011

THANK YOU I love this website. and it also helps me to learn more about the Jewish holy days. I appreciate all the awesome work that is on this website. Reply

robin hambourg, gerrmany March 17, 2009

purimcoloring book nice decoration for the purim box Reply

Phyllis Webb Clarkesville, GA/USA March 10, 2009

coloring book I was looking for some interactive projects for my class on Wendnesday nights and came across this website. 'The coloring book is terrific. I will be able to use it in several ways. Thanks Reply

Haila Hambourg, Germany March 17, 2008

Good idea to realate to Purim nice base for decoration and base for purim stickers Reply

Kathy Raab cherry hill, NJ/USA February 25, 2008

purim coloring book It is stunning! I teach pre-k at Politz Day School in Cherry Hill, NJ. The book's pictures are a bit too old for my students, but I shall certainly share them with first and second grade. Thanks Reply

Jennifer February 26, 2007

What a wonderful coloring book for my students!!! Reply