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Moses—the paradigm of humility 
Parshah (Weekly Torah)
Life Lessons From the Parshah - Behaalotecha
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Can anyone generate and use my likeness without my permission?

Before your soul descended to this world it burned with a passionate flame of love to merge within the divine, infinite light of G‑d.

Then it entered a body, a creature of sinews and bones. So that here it would learn the ultimate meaning of love.

The body will be your wick. The mitzvahs you do, the Torah you learn,...

Mitzvahs & Traditions
Does Judaism have a designated engagement period?
Contemporary Voices
A SciFi/Fantasy version of the classic story of Moses' battle with the angels to receive the Torah.
Jewish History
The ancient language integral to Jewish history and life, used in prayers, texts, and as a primary vernacular for centuries.
Jewish News
Saul Dreier’s message to a younger generation on his 99th birthday
Jewish Stories
A story from the Midrash.
Hebrew Word of the Week
More Than Enough
Jewish Quizzes
The shepherd boy who rose to fame and became the most renowned of Jewish kings
Your fellow is your mirror. If your own face is clean, the image you perceive will also be flawless. But should you look upon your fellow man and see a blemish, it is your own imperfection that you are encountering -- you are being shown what it is that you must correct within yourself.
– Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov
Passing of R. Shaul Dovber Zislin (1964)
R. Shaul DovBer Zislin was a student in Yeshivat Tomchei Temimim in Lubavitch. He went on as to serve... Read More »
When the Holy Temple stood in Jerusalem, and all Jews would come there for the three annual "pilgrimag... Read More »
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