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Chanukah is coming, and we want to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very happy and inspiring eight-day Festival of Lights!

We've chosen eight inspiring, informative, and entertaining links to help make your Chanukah special. We hope you enjoy them.

Happy Chanukah!

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P.S. Reading and sharing are great, but let’s remember that the most important thing do is to light the menorah. Click here for a full guide with all of the information you need to fulfill this mitzvah.

P.P.S. Be sure to check out our Chanukah event directory. Chances are there is a Chanukah event near you. Click here to search now.

1. Are You a Chanukah Genius?

What do you know about Chanukah? Test your knowledge with this 10-question quiz and then share your results with friends.


2. What Is Chanukah?

Get up to speed on the basics of this special holiday in less than five minutes.


3. Did You Spot a Car Menorah?

They can be found all the way from Times Square to the Red Square. Car-top menorahs tell the world that it's Chanukah time. But where did they come from? Read this article to find out.


4. From the Rebbe: Chanukah's Reassuring Message

Why we need this holiday now even more than ever.


5. 10 Recipes to Make Your Chanukah Sizzle

It's not just about latkes. Try some other traditional and not-so-traditional Chanukah recipes.


6. Traveling This Chanukah? 5 Things to Remember

Chanukah should not be confined to your home; take it with you wherever you go.


7. The Kabbalah of the Dreidel

Bet you didn't expect the Kabbalistic masters to have their spin on the dreidel, did you? Well, check this out.


8. Chanukah Tips From a Single Mom

As a single parent, it may be tough to celebrate on their own. Here are few helpful tips from a single mom.


There's more!

We have so many videos, stories, and games to share with you, but we ran out of space. So be sure to visit our Chanukah site. It’s chock full of good things to keep you and your family busy during the holiday.


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