Dear Friend,

It was the most important moment in our nation's history.

G-d Himself descended on the mountain. Speaking to each one of us, He declared, "I am G-d your G-d!" and then presented us each with the Torah to keep and cherish. It was a moment of love and commitment; indeed, the day G-d gave us the Torah is called our "wedding day."

And this coming weekend, during the holiday of Shavuot, we will celebrate this momentous event anew!

So how do we celebrate our marriage to G‑d? Well, not by sending flowers (although many communities do have a beautiful custom to decorate their homes and synagogues with commemoratory flowers and greenery), but by affirming our bond with Him and His Torah, and strengthening our relationship.

This Sunday morning, May 24, let's all do our utmost to attend services at our respective synagogues and listen to the reading of the Ten Commandments, once again experiencing and reaffirming the deal we struck at Sinai.

And, since the Jewish children are the next link in the golden chain linking us all the way back to that fateful day in the desert, it's especially important to bring our children, even newborn babies.

(Many Chabad-Lubavitch centers hold ice-cream parties for the kids following the service, a nice treat on a spring morning. And for their parents, more indulgence comes with cheesecake and other rich fare. It's the dairy holiday, after all...)

So let's all be there, and encourage our friends, family and neighbors not only to celebrate the past, but to enjoy the present and to recommit for the future.

Wishing you and yours a joyous and meaningful Shavuot,

Your friends at

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Listen to the "Ten Commandments" this Sunday, May 24th, at a synogogue near you
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