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Community Board » Women's Prayer Exchange
TheJewishWoman.org strives to create a virtual community for all women—a venue for discussing our joys, accomplishments and lessons we’ve learned. But we also share our pain, sorrow, and challenges.

We should never be alone when we struggle. We may not be able to always physically help another in need, but we definitely can help spiritually—through prayer. When we have someone in our prayers, we give her support and strength in a very powerful way. And for the one in need of the prayers, it makes a tremendous difference knowing that there are people whom she never met who are thinking of her.

With this in mind we have created the Women’s Prayer Exchange to provide a place for women to pray for the needs of others and to ask others to pray for her needs. So please look through the various sections (Health, Marriage, Children, and Financial) and add your name or the name of anyone who is in need of our prayers and support in any of these areas. Feel free to write a few lines detailing your situation, or just your name if that is what you prefer. Also feel free to use the comment section to offer suggestions or advice.

May we have all of our prayers answered, in a clear and revealed way, and may we merit the ultimate blessing, that of the final redemption, immediately!

For suggested psalms to recite for the ill, please click here.
Latest Posts:
Subject Name Category Date Posted Replies
jobs for husband & son-in-law  Rivkah daughter of Sarah  Financial  9/6/2015  0
Financial help and success in business  Leah daughter of Gittel  Financial  9/2/2015  0
Finding a husband for my friend  Chaia daughter of Leah  Marriage  8/5/2015  1
Friends daughter find a husband  Jennifer daughter of Ronald  Marriage  7/13/2015  0
Daughter find her beshert  Sarah keret daughter of Gitzel keah  Marriage  7/13/2015  0
Pray for Healing of Severe Arthritis and It's damage  Gloria Etta daughter of Gloria Daughter of William  Health  7/10/2015  0
Marriage  Shayna daughter of Ifrah  Marriage  7/3/2015  0
Marriage  Shayna daughter of Ifrah  Marriage  7/3/2015  0
Health  Malkayah daughter of Edyah  Health  7/1/2015  0
marriage  meriam daughter of neville  Children  6/15/2015  0
marriage  meriam daughter of neville  Children  6/15/2015  0
Marriage  Sara Keret daughter of Gitsel leah  Marriage  6/7/2015  0
requesting prayers   Leah daughter of Sarah  Health  5/17/2015  0
depression  Chana bas Zylanta daughter of Zylanta Bas Sarah  Health  4/13/2015  0
mourning  Aviva daughter of Faygel  Health  3/29/2015  0
new business open doors  Ester daughter of Elisabeth  Financial  3/22/2015  0
healing from cancer, safe heart suregry  Yonatan son of Sarah  Health  3/13/2015  0
prayer request  Tiva daughter of Ranit  Health  3/5/2015  0
Marriage  Bracha daughter of Bayla Chaya  Marriage  3/3/2015  0
Shidduch  Shifra Sara daughter of Bayla Chaya  Marriage  2/25/2015  0
prayer  Leah daughter of Sara  Marriage  2/25/2015  0
Find his Bashert  Moshe Shoham son of Tirtza  Marriage  2/24/2015  0
Children  Ester daughter of devora   Children  2/24/2015  0
prayer  Devoirah daughter of Naiomi bat saarah  Health  2/24/2015  0
Prayer for Husband's health, wealth, job & marriage   Brocha daughter of Devorah Rita  Health  2/24/2015  0
Parnassah  Esther daughter of Sara  Financial  2/23/2015  0
Revealed purpose of Hashem for my life  Lillian daughter of Sarah  Health  2/23/2015  0
my home family and marriage  adena daughter of Sarah  Financial  2/22/2015  0
financial breakthrough and reunion of family  Lila daughter of Jo  Financial  2/22/2015  0
Diabetic needs brochas family and husband  Sarah Eochelle daughter of Channah Brocha  Health  2/22/2015  0
financial  shoshana daughter of Sarah  Financial  2/21/2015  0
hhealth  Avital daughter of Sarah  Health  2/20/2015  0
Refuah shleima   Neshamah Shira daughter of Miriam Olga  Health  2/19/2015  0
Prayer for family unity  Theresa daughter of Ana  Health  2/19/2015  0
addiction  Bea daughter of Sara Rifka  Health  2/19/2015  0
healing  sharon daughter of brenetha  Financial  2/18/2015  0
Direction  Sarah daughter of Sarah  Marriage  11/4/2014  1
fianncial (parnasha)  hannah daughter of daughter of Louise   Financial  9/24/2014  1
Pray for my mother who has been diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic cancer  Raizel daughter of Malka  Health  9/6/2014  2
Breast Cancer  Michal Chava daughter of Miriam  Health  9/5/2014  3
Re: Prayer for Financial Help & Relief from Sickness  Rivka daughter of Esther  Financial  8/31/2014  1
Husband  Liora daughter of Sarah  Marriage  8/26/2014  1
Children  Bayla daughter of Sarah  Children  8/18/2014  1
Employment  Sarah Rebekah daughter of Sarah  Financial  7/24/2014  4
FINANCIAL BREAKTHROUGH & POLITICAL APPOINTMENT AND PROTECTION  None son of Collins amaewhule green  Financial  7/24/2014  0
Cancer recovery wishes for friends  Malka daughter of Blume  Health  7/18/2014  1
Health  Chaya Breindel daughter of Hinda  Health  7/3/2014  1
Prayers to help me have a Child  Lea daughter of Sara  Children  6/23/2014  3
Spirituality  Miriam daughter of Leah  Health  6/12/2014  2
Refua Shlema  Dvora daughter of Margalit  Health  5/24/2014  2
Need help financial to get back to Jewish Community  Aliza daughter of Chana  Financial  5/21/2014  1
Luck on my novel  Shira daughter of Shoshannah  Health  5/18/2014  0
Mitzvot  Sarah daughter of Sarah  Financial  5/4/2014  0
Tehillim and Refuah Shlema  לייבלה daughter of יוכבד  Health  4/30/2014  1
Your prayers should help me find a job  Gella Chaya daughter of Rivkah  Financial  4/24/2014  0
I'm lonely.   Elianna Liam daughter of Sarah  Marriage  4/21/2014  5
Marriage trouble  Rivkah daughter of Rahel  Marriage  4/20/2014  1
marriage partner  dinah daughter of sarah  Marriage  4/2/2014  1
pregnancy  aviva daughter of Emuna  Children  3/26/2014  2
Brother-in-law's Health  Moshe son of Shaya  Health  3/17/2014  1
Health  Yisroel Helsch son of Shaya  Health  3/17/2014  2
sickness  shoshana daughter of corry  Health  3/11/2014  2
Fast of Esther  Shira daughter of Shoshanna  Health  3/3/2014  0
Refua Shlema for my Father  YONATAN son of ESTER  Health  2/19/2014  2
Difficult times in my marriage  Ann daughter of Mary  Marriage  2/18/2014  2
Please pray for full and speedy recovery  Rachel Havah daughter of Anna  Health  2/11/2014  1
Please pray for full and speedy recovery  Zoya Zelda daughter of Roza Reyzl  Health  2/11/2014  1
legal problems  Sarah daughter of Abraham  Financial  2/6/2014  1
God's Intended Match  Nitzchiya daughter of Delila  Marriage  2/3/2014  3
Finding God's intended spouse for me  Esther daughter of Ruth  Marriage  1/26/2014  4
Marriage  Sarah keret daughter of Gittel Leah   Marriage  1/23/2014  0
refuah shelemia  faygie devorah bas shumais daughter of shulamis  Health  1/5/2014  0
Refuah shelemah for my dear dad  Yaacov son of Mazaltov  Health  12/30/2013  0
A child needs prayers  Yitzchak Schmuel son of Zahava  Health  12/25/2013  1
40 day prayer request to the wall for husband  Kline daughter of Klein  Marriage  12/18/2013  0
Adopting  Channah daughter of Pat  Children  12/7/2013  0
Complete Healing  Channah daughter of Pat  Health  12/7/2013  0
Justice and Truth  Sara daughter of Sarah  Financial  12/5/2013  0
Marriage  Miriam Ester daughter of Leah  Marriage  10/28/2013  0
Finding the soul mate  Michal daughter of Paula  Marriage  10/26/2013  0
Prayers for Yishai  Yishai son of Dinah  Health  10/25/2013  0
husband cheated n.moved out  ruth daughter of leyah  Marriage  10/23/2013  1
Prayers Request  Samira daughter of Kokhav Cohen  Financial  10/8/2013  0
Healing  Gabriela daughter of Marta  Health  9/29/2013  0
Meet my Bashert for Marriage  Chaya Yehudit Devora daughter of Rina   Marriage  8/26/2013  0
Parnasa (Livelihood)  Yehudis Simma daughter of Rochel Leah   Financial  8/21/2013  0
success of insemination  Zivar daughter of segula  Children  8/9/2013  0
Disconnected  Diann daughter of Jerry  Financial  7/18/2013  0
Marriage in deep trouble - pregnant  Masha Ryna daughter of Rivkah Chana  Marriage  7/15/2013  3
Healing  Rapheal son of Sara Danya  Health  6/19/2013  0
Finding my intended  Davida Giborah daughter of Surah Basse  Marriage  6/4/2013  0
Speedy and complete recovery  Miriam Reina daughter of Beila Devorah  Health  5/29/2013  0
Financial  Gila daughter of Leah  Financial  5/28/2013  0
16 year old with Cancer  Yoel Engel HaKohen son of Raasha Leah  Health  5/28/2013  0
shalombayis andhavingchildren  maria daughter of shoshanna  Children  5/28/2013  0
healing and revealed purpose of Hashem  Rivka daughter of Sarah  Health  5/22/2013  0
Faith  Leah Esther daughter of Feige   Health  5/20/2013  0
Faith  Leah Esther daughter of Feige   Health  5/20/2013  0
Pregnancy and Marriage  Masha Ryna daughter of Rivkah Chana  Health  4/17/2013  1
Finding peace and comfort in the Jewish faith  Sarah Chava daughter of Lois  Marriage  4/1/2013  2
Prayer for Wisdom  Sara daughter of Fran  Health  3/23/2013  0
Conversion  Hannah daughter of Howard  Marriage  3/21/2013  1
refuah sheleimah for shoulder surgery  Osher son of Dobrish  Health  3/11/2013  0
shidduch  Esther daughter of Faiga  Marriage  3/3/2013  0
my son  Lior Rei son of Michal  Health  3/1/2013  0
peace ,love,understanding and joy of marriage  Zivar daughter of Segula  Marriage  3/1/2013  0
My son  Benjamin son of Sarah  Children  2/27/2013  0
Husband prompt return  Sarah daughter of Sarah  Marriage  2/21/2013  0
soulmate  Leah daughter of Sarah  Marriage  2/17/2013  0
Finding my soulmate  Julia daughter of Golda  Marriage  2/8/2013  0
Prayers for a baby  Shana daughter of Linda daughter of Linda  Children  2/5/2013  1
healthy pregnancy  Dina daughter of Deborah  Children  2/3/2013  0
healing  Tziporah daughter of Sarah  Health  1/22/2013  0
Good Health  Tziporah daughter of Sarah  Health  1/3/2013  1
recovery from depression  Elkah daughter of Robert  Health  12/29/2012  4
My family is broken and we need prayer  Abril daughter of Stephanie  Children  12/27/2012  4
legal  chaya daughter of tova  Health  12/6/2012  0
my son  y'shai son of yudit  Health  12/5/2012  1
heal Abigail of mental illness  Avigail Miryam daughter of Esther Libah bat Sarah  Health  12/1/2012  1
Need parnassah!  Sarah Rivka daughter of Yocheved  Financial  11/30/2012  1
finding a wife  yaaqov shimon son of sheindal devorah  Marriage  11/25/2012  3
Need Financial Blessings  Shachar Elisheva daughter of Sarah  Financial  11/17/2012  1
Praying for babies  Rubi daughter of Renah  Children  11/15/2012  0
Praying for babies  Rubi daughter of Renah  Children  11/15/2012  1
Sick  Heshel son of Rochelle  Health  11/13/2012  1
Graduate school acceptance  Leah daughter of Sara  Financial  11/9/2012  0
tears for Shidduch  amy daughter of Trudy  Marriage  10/29/2012  1
Conversion, and health  John daughter of Andrea daughter of John  Health  10/21/2012  0
Health  Malka Esther daughter of Shifra  Health  10/18/2012  3
Protection and Health  Catherine-Ruslender (maiden name of Jewish grandmother) daughter of daughter of Sarah  Health  10/4/2012  3
Please Pray  Gavriella Yael Yehudit daughter of ShlomZion  Health  10/3/2012  1
Prayer for my recovery  Shulamis Carmis daughter of Sara  Health  9/25/2012  1
Prayer for Marriage  Shulamis Carmis daughter of Sara  Marriage  9/25/2012  1
Restoration  Elisheva daughter of Miryam  Financial  9/16/2012  0
Prayer for my health  Eula Irene Bunting daughter of Eula daughter of James  Health  9/14/2012  2
Sick  Rachel Leah daughter of Genendle  Health  9/9/2012  1
health  Rena daughter of Sarah   Health  9/2/2012  1
Can't move on  Yael daughter of Sarah  Health  9/1/2012  1
Healing  Daughter of Sarah daughter of Carmen  Health  9/1/2012  1
Berakhah for a Husband/Soulmate  Ariella daughter of Eva  Marriage  8/27/2012  2
Marriage  Leah daughter of Sarah  Marriage  8/14/2012  1
Illness  Gavriella daughter of Sarah  Health  8/10/2012  1
Peace in my home  Gueula Yaffa daughter of Sarah  Marriage  8/10/2012  2
soulmate  Shanda daughter of Edward and Katherine  Marriage  7/27/2012  3
Help With Decision  Sarah daughter of Sarah  Financial  7/18/2012  4
URGENT prayers needed!  Shneur Chaim Yitzchok Alexander son of Nechama Dina  Health  7/18/2012  2
Help with Shalom Bayit  Masha Ryna daughter of Rivkah Chanah  Marriage  7/13/2012  1
Cancer  Dov son of Esther  Health  7/13/2012  1
Marriage  Yaffa daughter of Ester  Marriage  7/9/2012  1
prayers for us to move on with our lives  Chana Tzipporah daughter of Shamayiah Shaindel  Health  7/8/2012  1
Employment  Ruth daughter of John  Financial  7/2/2012  1
prayer for health  Ruth daughter of John  Health  7/2/2012  0
complete recovery  shifra daughter of Fagela  Health  6/20/2012  0
complete recovery  shifra daughter of Fagela  Health  6/20/2012  1
Family problems  Nachama daughter of Sarah  Marriage  6/19/2012  2
Prayers for peace in my home  Ahava daughter of Sarah  Financial  6/10/2012  1
complete recovery  Sandra daughter of Sarah  Health  5/31/2012  1
find/reunite with soulmate for marriage  Esther daughter of Chana-Rachel  Marriage  5/27/2012  1
For Comlete Health, and Happiness:)  Rachel daughter of Naomi  Health  5/25/2012  1
new customers  sarah daughter of sarah  Financial  5/20/2012  1
Complete recovery  Son of Annelise son of Sarah  Health  5/3/2012  3
My Family  Raizel daughter of Ruth  Health  4/25/2012  1
Soulmate, partner, husband - never married  Esther daughter of Sarah  Marriage  4/22/2012  2
conversion  Yochanna daughter of Richard  Health  4/19/2012  2
My Fiance Needs A Job  Yoni son of Rochelle   Financial  4/17/2012  2
Shidduch (marriage)  Gavriel dov michael son of Leah  Marriage  4/17/2012  1
Children  Ahava daughter of Sarah  Health  4/8/2012  1
Tefillah (prayer) for a refusah shlaymah (complete recovery) for my son from depression and extreme anxiety  Yonatan son of Malka Rachel  Health  4/6/2012  2
Marriage for my son Todd to the women God has chosen  Todd son of Gwen  Marriage  4/6/2012  0
Children  Sara daughter of Avraham  Children  3/29/2012  2
my son   Laeh daughter of miriam  Health  3/29/2012  1
starts receiving jobs and his finances improve  mosha shi son of rachel sasha  Financial  3/29/2012  2
medical school  maier melach son of rachel sasha  Financial  3/29/2012  2
starting a life change and financial stability  rachel daughter of ester  Financial  3/29/2012  1
love  Aliyah Yaeli daughter of Sarah  Marriage  3/25/2012  3
immediate recovery needed desperately  devorah chaya mushka daughter of breindel  Health  3/20/2012  2
Finding a farm for Tsippy's sheep and chickens  Tsippora daughter of Sarah  Health  3/18/2012  2
Prayer for a job  xxxxxx daughter of Barbara  Financial  3/14/2012  2
Marriage  Michal daughter of Pola  Marriage  3/13/2012  0
Marriage  Michal daughter of Pola  Marriage  3/13/2012  0
job transfer  Adnina daughter of Adina  Financial  3/13/2012  0
Marriage  Avram son of Adina  Marriage  3/13/2012  0
Marriage  Devorah daughter of Adina  Marriage  3/13/2012  1
That my daughter Caroline shall find her soulmate nad marry  Leah daughter of Rifka  Marriage  2/28/2012  1
Prayer for a father, husband and friend  Yaakov son of EEtah  Health  2/27/2012  1
health  Michal daughter of Chana  Health  2/26/2012  1
Husband wants to leave   Ester daughter of Sarah  Marriage  2/22/2012  3
Prayer for a healthy mammogram on 2/8/12  Leah daughter of Rifka  Health  2/6/2012  3
Refuah Shleima (recovery)  Shayna Necha daughter of Sasha  Health  2/6/2012  1
Conversion  Etana daughter of Joseph  Children  2/6/2012  2
Prayer for a refuah shleimah for my son  Shai Shalom ben son of Laya Chaya  Health  2/6/2012  1
Soulmate  Shaundra daughter of Sarah  Marriage  2/4/2012  1
Prayer for health  Chime zvi son of Nechama Reichel  Health  1/30/2012  0
Health  Chime Zvi son of Nechama Reichel  Health  1/30/2012  2
children  Zivar daughter of Segula  Children  1/23/2012  1
Healing  Gabriella Danielle Ruth daughter of Sarah  Health  12/30/2011  1
Lost Love  Hinda daughter of Miriam  Marriage  12/30/2011  0
Need a job or financial help from husband  Chaya Shayna daughter of Miriam  Financial  12/30/2011  0
Marriage  Chana daughter of Ora  Marriage  12/29/2011  2
Pray for family finances  Bonne daughter of Devorah  Children  12/21/2011  1
pray for a job  Dorit daughter of Delilah  Financial  11/28/2011  1
for health  Zlata Chaya daughter of Yitte Chana  Health  11/22/2011  2
prayer  Elisheva daughter of Sarah  Children  11/18/2011  2
URGENT Please read this, pray for her, take on a mitzva on her behalf and act  Serach daughter of I don't know  Health  11/15/2011  1
URGENT Please read this, pray for her, take on a mitzva on her behalf and act  Serach daughter of I don't know  Health  11/15/2011  0
Finances  Haim tzvi son of Nechama Reichel  Financial  11/2/2011  1
health  Tuvia Avroham son of Chaya Zisha  Health  11/1/2011  1
still looking for marriage partner  Leah Rachel daughter of Sarah  Marriage  10/31/2011  2
Refuah shelamah  Ruth daughter of Felipe  Health  10/24/2011  2
  Shalom daughter of Leonard Francis Rose  Health  10/11/2011  1
health  Anabell daughter of Sarah  Health  9/26/2011  1
Health  Yaacov son of Mazaltov  Health  9/20/2011  1
Complete and speedy recovery  Itzik son of Saul  Health  9/9/2011  1
Shidduch for my Brother Aharon  Aharon ben Yaffah son of Yaffah  Marriage  9/7/2011  0
refuha Shalayma  chana daughter of malka  Health  9/6/2011  0
Health  Jennifer daughter of Jennifer daughter of Victor  Health  9/6/2011  1
save my marriage  sarah daughter of sarah  Marriage  9/6/2011  2
shidduch  daniela daughter of Esther  Marriage  9/2/2011  1
forgiviness  Pargu son of Sarah  Health  9/2/2011  1
Soul-mate  non-jew daughter of non-jew  Marriage  9/1/2011  0
Financial   non-jew daughter of non-jew  Financial  9/1/2011  0
Health  Yehudis daughter of Ruth  Health  9/1/2011  0
Help with Grattude and Greatful  Yehudis daughter of Ruth  Financial  9/1/2011  0
Health, Parnassah (financial stability),Marriage  Miriam daughter of Ilana  Health  9/1/2011  0
Need a prayer support for my hasbund  Mikhail son of Iraida  Health  9/1/2011  1
parnasa  Shoshana son of Faga Hannah  Financial  8/31/2011  0
Husband's Health  Mark son of James  Health  8/31/2011  1
Health  Yehudit daughter of Monyah  Health  8/31/2011  2
My soulmate immediately  Abraham son of Yudith  Marriage  8/31/2011  4
Refua Sheleima  Chaim David son of Chana  Health  8/30/2011  2
Need help with direction  Hereshabah daughter of Sarah  Financial  8/30/2011  1
legal financial  Leah bas Sara daughter of Sara  Financial  8/30/2011  2
children  Shoshana daughter of Bella  Children  8/29/2011  1
to grow in Yiras Shomayim (awe of G-d) and be a true tznuah (modest woman)  NechamaBracha daughter of Sarah  Health  8/29/2011  0
Help for my son  Yosef son of Hadassa Miriam  Health  8/29/2011  2
friends need healing  Leah Tovah daughter of Chaya Bracha  Health  8/29/2011  0
Aliyah, moving before this year is up, job  Sarah daughter of Beatrice  Financial  8/29/2011  0
Recent widow  Rivkah daughter of Chana  Health  8/29/2011  6
Sick  Pessi daughter of Feige  Health  8/28/2011  3
please pray for   Chaviva Devorah daughter of Sarah  Financial  8/28/2011  1
Anxiety and Depression  Yiska daughter of Dafna  Health  8/26/2011  5
Refuah  Rivkah daughter of Shifrah Aviva  Health  8/26/2011  2
Health  Polina daughter of Malka  Health  8/26/2011  2
conception,family unification and peace of home.  zivar daughter of segula  Children  8/26/2011  1
Really needed prayer.   Rivka daughter of Irina  Financial  8/26/2011  2
Financial  Miriam daughter of Marie  Financial  8/25/2011  1
for my son William  Hereshabah daughter of Sarah  Children  8/15/2011  1
A child  Devorah daughter of Riva  Children  8/8/2011  3
financial stability  chana daughter of sarah  Financial  7/24/2011  1
I failed two of my regents  Malka daughter of Avigail  Financial  7/17/2011  1
health and parnosa  Huddle Chana daughter of Shifra Basha  Financial  7/10/2011  1
healing   karen daughter of margailt  Health  7/8/2011  2
Prayer for my friend father  shemene son of Mendelle  Health  7/4/2011  1
Financial   Devorah daughter of Sara  Financial  6/29/2011  1
love, security, peace, and a new home  Zohara daughter of Sarah  Marriage  6/24/2011  1
health  barbra daughter of sarah  Health  6/20/2011  2
FINANCIAL  NON JEW daughter of NONE  Financial  6/17/2011  5
Deliverance  Yiscah daughter of Sarah  Financial  6/2/2011  1
Prayer Request  Michal Chava daughter of Miriam  Health  5/30/2011  1
Refua Shlema  Shaul son of Yehudis Ester  Health  5/21/2011  1
health  Blume daughter of Yehudit  Health  5/9/2011  1
complete recovery  devorah chaya mushka daughter of breindel  Health  3/26/2011  3
prayers for custody of my oldest son Jacob son of Hannah whose father doesn't want him to be Jewish  Hannah daughter of Dora  Health  3/21/2011  1
A "Jewish" Job  Makabit Yimiya daughter of Marie  Financial  3/21/2011  1
peace in home  clara son of clara  Health  3/18/2011  0
Financial breakthrough and financial stability  Hannah daughter of Esther Dorland  Financial  3/10/2011  0
loss of a parent  Tova Ruth daughter of Elizabeth  Health  3/7/2011  1
Searching for my Bashert  Rivka daughter of Dovid & Miriam  Marriage  3/6/2011  0
House in foreclosure  Yael daughter of Sarah  Financial  2/27/2011  1
Shalom Bais (peace in the home)  Bracha Bat Sarah daughter of Chaya  Marriage  2/21/2011  0
Marriage  SARA daughter of RIVKI  Marriage  2/17/2011  1
departure from the church to seek to belong as my Jewish origin  shulamit/rafeala daughter of golda   Health  2/15/2011  0
Daughter  Maya daughter of Chava  Financial  2/14/2011  3
parnasah (financial help)  shoshana sara daughter of sara  Financial  2/14/2011  1
pregnancy  Ruth daughter of Sarah  Children  2/14/2011  2
marriage  zivar daughter of segula  Marriage  2/14/2011  0
Please free me and my children from my abusive husband and let me make a great parnassah to support us. Please grant us freedom, health, peace and true happiness. Thank you. Amen  Esther Batya daughter of Sara Rivka  Financial  2/14/2011  8
Please pray for a refuah shleima (complete recovery)  Shoshana Chaya daughter of Golda  Health  2/14/2011  1
Financial  Sandi daughter of John  Financial  2/13/2011  2
Marriage  Bayla daughter of Golda  Marriage  2/13/2011  0
financial parnasah  yehoshua dovid son of Faige Zissel  Financial  2/13/2011  1
health  Sharon daughter of Bianca  Health  2/13/2011  0
Thankyou for your prayers  Emunah Malkah daughter of Sarah Imenu  Health  2/13/2011  2
HIER PAID JOB, HEALTH, MARIAGE  BELA daughter of ITTA  Financial  2/12/2011  0
NEED MONEY- FINANCIAL STABILITY  AZIK son of LIBA  Financial  2/12/2011  2
Health  Yona Tamar daughter of Mindel  Health  2/11/2011  0
Daughter  Miriam daughter of Ruth  Financial  2/10/2011  1
Blessing for children  Devora- Malka daughter of Aliza  Children  2/10/2011  7
Legal   Shmuel Dovid son of Chaia Bela  Health  2/10/2011  0
Husbands employment  Simcha daughter of Sarah  Financial  2/1/2011  1
divorce/going back to college  Erin daughter of Patrick daughter of Sarah  Health  1/31/2011  1
marriage  michal daughter of pola  Marriage  1/13/2011  2
Financial stability  simcha daughter of Eleanor  Financial  1/12/2011  1
Financial stability  simcha daughter of Eleanor  Financial  1/12/2011  0
Connecting m.a.s to Amy   Aviva niomi daughter of Toby  Marriage  1/11/2011  0
Strong prayer  Aviva niomi daughter of Toby   Marriage  1/11/2011  0
Healing  Alta son of Sara  Health  1/2/2011  1
Financial Stability for my parents  mousa bat john son of Sara  Financial  12/31/2010  0
Pray for Children  Dubah Ruchel daughter of Surah Necha  Children  12/25/2010  0
refua (recovery)  Chava Tsilya daughter of Shulamit Devora  Health  12/20/2010  1
financial stability  Libby daughter of Sarah  Financial  12/17/2010  0
teeth and gums  Libby daughter of Sarah  Health  12/17/2010  2
Finding my basherte  Liba daughter of Rochel  Marriage  12/14/2010  2
full recovery mental health and financial stability  Mira daughter of sarah  Health  12/3/2010  1
Finances and Health  Chava daughter of Esther  Financial  12/1/2010  0
Tehillim for Refua Shelayma  Esther daughter of Dilva  Health  11/30/2010  0
Conversion  Devorah daughter of Sarah  Health  11/29/2010  0
illness,kneeand foot injury,in need of blessings  Hereshebah daughter of Margaret  Financial  11/19/2010  1
Pain and Separation  LB daughter of Sarah  Health  11/10/2010  0
Tehillim Request  Heshel son of Sarah  Health  10/26/2010  0
Refuah Shleimah (complete recovery)  Laya daughter of Gittel  Health  10/12/2010  1
My emotions  Nava daughter of Valdez  Health  9/28/2010  1
Sorrow from loss  Rebahak daughter of Rachael  Health  9/19/2010  0
Openening the way to my beshert  Leah daughter of Sarah  Marriage  9/7/2010  0
Abusive Relationship  Eliora Adirah daughter of RUTH  Health  8/31/2010  1
emotional help  Miriam bat David v'Sarah daughter of Sarah bat Mordechai v'Agam  Health  8/30/2010  1
splitting of the red sea miracule  Havivah daughter of chaya Faga  Health  8/23/2010  0
job  Tamar daughter of Elena  Financial  8/17/2010  3
I am looking to have a job soon and connect a lot of new amazing loving friends......My soulmate to walk into my life and start a peaceful loving fun life. Thank G-D for all blessing he has given me  MARY daughter of MARY  Health  8/16/2010  1
prayers for financial stability, a job w/growth, guidance for grandson   RUTH daughter of RUTH  Financial  8/16/2010  0
body and mind  Emunah daughter of Sarah imeinu  Health  8/14/2010  2
Daughter's Pregnancy  Ruth daughter of Sarah  Children  8/14/2010  1
searcing for my beshert (soulmate)  Ruth daughter of Sarah  Marriage  8/14/2010  2
my Orthodox conversion  Michaela daughter of Teresa  Health  8/14/2010  3
looking for my bashert  Shoshana-Dvora daughter of Sarah  Marriage  8/13/2010  1
Guidance during dissolution of marriage, husband moving out of home  Hannah daughter of Sarah  Marriage  8/13/2010  2
Parnasah (financial stability), clearity, Peace and My soulmate  Victoria Esther Bat Gohar daughter of victoria Esther  Financial  8/12/2010  2
Financial  Sheralee daughter of Richard  Financial  8/12/2010  1
bracha  alexander son of luda  Health  8/12/2010  1
brochas (blessings), clarity, zivug (soul mate)  Alexander son of luba  Health  8/12/2010  0
Zivug (soulmate)  Chaim Akiva son of sarah  Marriage  8/12/2010  1
Financial   Esther daughter of Sarah  Financial  8/12/2010  2
Beshert for Son  Lior son of Hinda  Marriage  8/12/2010  1
Physical/Spiritual healing  Edgar son of David  Health  8/12/2010  2
Health  Pola daughter of Sarah  Health  8/12/2010  0
to find my zivug/bashert/the right one to marry  Leah Rachel daughter of Sarah  Marriage  8/11/2010  2
Single mom wants out of abusive situation  Peninah Arashel daughter of Sarah  Financial  8/11/2010  2
marital problems  Atana daughter of Devorah  Marriage  8/11/2010  1
in hospital,high white blood count  rochel daughter of kraindel  Health  8/11/2010  1
My assignment  Cathy daughter of Ruth  Financial  8/11/2010  0
strength and hapinness  Avigayil daughter of Martha  Financial  8/10/2010  0
Daughter (D.M.) has cancer  Shoshanah daughter of Sarah  Health  8/9/2010  0
Depression  Maria daughter of Bernadette  Health  8/8/2010  3
mercy and gudiance  lisa daughter of kristolynn  Health  8/8/2010  0
healing  Gavriela daughter of Sarah  Health  8/8/2010  1
Brother's Health; Shidduch (marriage partner) for Self  Elisheva daughter of Esther  Health  8/8/2010  0
besheret (soulmate)  Ura Bracha daughter of Roisi Yenta  Marriage  8/7/2010  1
Need work for mental well-being  Raisse daughter of Mary Lynn  Financial  8/7/2010  1
Refuah Shlemah (complete healing)  Rachel daughter of Sarah  Health  8/7/2010  0
a marriage partner for my daughter  Sarah Leah daughter of Ita  Marriage  8/7/2010  0
financial  Sarah Leah daughter of Ita  Financial  8/7/2010  0
prayer to create jewish home  Gila daughter of Gehnendal  Children  8/7/2010  0
Employment  Rivkah daughter of Sarah  Financial  8/6/2010  0
Peace in my marriage and observance help  Michal Chava daughter of Miriam  Marriage  8/1/2010  1
Refua shlema  Zoya Zelda bat Roza daughter of Roza  Health  7/30/2010  0
soulmate  Leah daughter of Sarah  Marriage  7/24/2010  0
Refua Shelayma  Avishai son of Ruth  Health  7/17/2010  0
Children  Dinah daughter of Sara  Children  7/12/2010  0
Marriage  Ruth daughter of Leah   Marriage  7/9/2010  0
children  Ariel Ruth daughter of Tzipora  Children  7/7/2010  1
children  Ariel Ruth daughter of Tzipora  Children  7/7/2010  0
strength  mariam daughter of Sarah  Health  7/1/2010  0
PRAYER FOR IMMEDIATE FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE, WORK, HEALTH & A NEW APT.  Chana daughter of Elaine  Financial  6/24/2010  1
Peace in the home  Gila daughter of Leah   Financial  6/24/2010  2
Good finances and Soulmate  Ruth daughter of Dina Doulat  Marriage  6/22/2010  0
operation   Breina Leah daughter of Chava  Health  6/22/2010  0
need prayers for favors in abundance  zeenat daughter of shirley frankline vaz  Children  6/14/2010  0
FINANCIAL BLESSING  do not have daughter of do not have  Financial  6/9/2010  1
Prayer for Successful operation and speedy recovery.  Efraim son of Chana  Health  6/3/2010  0
Prayer for Successful operation and speedy recovery.  Efraim son of Chana  Health  6/3/2010  0
work  Leah daughter of Bosha  Financial  5/11/2010  0
Living a dedicated life  Devorah daughter of Miriam  Health  4/30/2010  0
Breast Cancer  Esther daughter of Sarah  Health  4/20/2010  1
MARRIAGE & GRANDCHILDREN  MIRIAM daughter of MIRIAM  Marriage  4/16/2010  0
HEALTH  MIRIAM daughter of MIRIAM  Health  4/16/2010  1
HEALTH  MIRIAM daughter of MIRIAM  Health  4/16/2010  0
Breast Cancer  Tova daughter of Hana  Health  4/13/2010  1
I need parnasa (money)  Miriam daughter of Mindel  Financial  4/12/2010  0
Shidduch (marriage partner)  Zilpah daughter of Bella  Marriage  4/11/2010  0
financial needs  Margalit daughter of Rachael  Financial  4/10/2010  0
strenght to get through each day  Shayna Chia daughter of Bassi  Health  4/4/2010  0
worsening health, emotions and finances, all alone  Shayna Chia daughter of Bassi  Health  4/4/2010  0
Children (Healthy)  Esther daughter of devora  Children  4/2/2010  0
Using Bevy of Talents to Help Others  Makabit Yirmiya daughter of Sarah  Financial  3/31/2010  0
MARRIAGE  HADASSA daughter of MARIE JEANNE  Marriage  3/29/2010  0
biopsy  Masha daughter of Chana  Health  3/26/2010  2
HUSBAND HAS CANCER  REBBEKAH daughter of ANA  Health  3/26/2010  0
Shalom Bayit  Leah daughter of Beryl  Marriage  3/24/2010  1
abuse/financial  mary elka daughter of sarah  Financial  3/23/2010  3
Depression and Suicide  Jennifer daughter of Kate  Health  3/22/2010  3
daven for soulmate/shidduch  Shifra daughter of Sara  Marriage  3/22/2010  0
shidduch (marriage partner)  Moshe son of Ruth  Marriage  3/22/2010  0
work  Benjamin son of Esther  Financial  3/22/2010  0
cancer  Samuel son of Djoya  Health  3/22/2010  0
cancer  Samuel son of Djoya  Health  3/22/2010  0
To be blessed with children  Emuna Geula daughter of Sara  Children  3/22/2010  2
Jewish nachas (joy) from my children  rena sara rivka daughter of dvora  Children  3/22/2010  0
cancer   sarah daughter of Anna daughter of Sarah  Health  3/21/2010  3
Urgent need of employment  Judy daughter of Sarah  Financial  3/21/2010  0
Complete Recovery  Matel Shandel daughter of Chana Faygel  Health  3/19/2010  1
shidduch/soulmate  yehudis shoshana daughter of miriam  Marriage  3/18/2010  0
soul mate  Rivka daughter of Rechil Tzipra  Marriage  3/18/2010  0
marrying my soulmate this year  Keren daughter of Sara  Marriage  3/18/2010  0
Health  Sara daughter of Hylda  Health  3/17/2010  0
husband needs a job so that we can have a baby  ariel ruth daughter of tziporra  Financial  3/17/2010  0
finance  rivka alta daughter of rachal leah  Financial  3/16/2010  0
Soulmate ; Aliyah  Bascha Bat Tzion daughter of Zion  Marriage  3/16/2010  2
sick  Rachmil son of Leah  Health  3/16/2010  1
Health and financial  masha daughter of batya  Health  3/16/2010  0
marriage  baila ita rina daughter of rasche  Marriage  3/16/2010  0
health in mind, body and soul  Miriam daughter of Mindel  Health  3/16/2010  0
health  Mindel daughter of Bronia Miril  Health  3/16/2010  0
need parnasa (financial stability)  Miriam daughter of Mindel  Financial  3/16/2010  1
marrying my soulmate this year  Miriam daughter of Mindel  Marriage  3/16/2010  0
Health  Itzhak son of Said  Health  3/16/2010  0
Stability  Chana daughter of Sara  Financial  3/16/2010  0
New Baby  Malka daughter of Fradel  Children  3/16/2010  0
Health  Fradel daughter of Feiga Sarah  Health  3/16/2010  0
Health  Eliezer son of Misha Rochel  Health  3/15/2010  0
Strength, conception, a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby (or babies!)  Rochel Chana daughter of Devorah  Children  3/15/2010  4
Health  Aliza Ahouvah Bat Hershel daughter of Yacha Pesse Bat Natan  Health  3/15/2010  0
World's Falling Down  Rochel daughter of Sarah  Health  3/15/2010  6
Health  Mordechai son of Rachel  Health  3/15/2010  0
Refuah Shelema  Blima Yehudis daughter of Chaya Ratzel  Health  3/15/2010  0
Health  Aidel Baila daughter of Sarah  Health  3/15/2010  3
Salvation  Hershel Benjumin son of Fagel Genendale  Health  3/15/2010  2
Children  Rivka Chavah daughter of Yocheved  Children  3/15/2010  1
Employment  Orli daughter of Miriam  Financial  3/15/2010  1
finding my soul mate  Orli daughter of Miriam  Marriage  3/15/2010  1
troubled marriage  Miriam daughter of Malka  Marriage  3/15/2010  0
a dear friend has lost her 16 year old daughter to a sudden death  channah daughter of Jacqualine  Health  3/15/2010  2
Soulmate  Gavriela daughter of Sarah  Marriage  3/15/2010  0
World Upside Down  Ruth daughter of Yochana  Health  3/15/2010  1
Shidduch & parnassah (partner & livelihood)  Gilana Mia daughter of Sara Leah  Financial  3/15/2010  0
Senior without family  Yaffa Naomi daughter of Sarah  Financial  3/15/2010  3
Health  Chiam Mordechai son of Heidel  Health  3/15/2010  0
shidduch (marriage partner)  Rina Leah daughter of Perel  Marriage  3/15/2010  1
Soul mate and clarity  Naomi daughter of Batia  Marriage  3/15/2010  0
healing of broken heart and direction  Gavriela daughter of Sarah  Health  3/15/2010  1
desperate need of employment for my husband  Chaim Gavriel son of Yehudis  Financial  3/15/2010  3
Shidduch (marriage partner)  Orky Zehava daughter of Rosa Ana  Marriage  3/15/2010  0
For an easy delivery and a healthy baby  Karine daughter of Simcha  Children  3/15/2010  0
Job  Shira Gael daughter of Rosa Ana  Financial  3/15/2010  0
Health  Miriam daughter of Shoshana  Health  3/15/2010  0
Refuah (Health)  Meirav Jordana daughter of Rosa Ana  Health  3/15/2010  0
looking for true love  Keter daughter of Luis  Marriage  3/15/2010  0
Health  Devorah daughter of Joanne Zimmerman  Health  3/15/2010  0
realtor and lover of jewish culture  zane daughter of lois  Marriage  3/15/2010  0
Financial  Yehuda son of Freda  Financial  3/15/2010  1
Children  Tzivyah daughter of Leah  Children  3/15/2010  0
Help my Daughter to find soulmate  Lea Ruchel daughter of Faygie  Marriage  3/15/2010  0
Physical and Spiritual Health  Penina Yael daughter of Aviva  Health  3/15/2010  0
Marriage Partner  Devorah daughter of Yehudit Shulamit  Marriage  3/15/2010  0
Fighting Foreclosure  Rebeccah daughter of Sarah  Financial  3/15/2010  1
Please pray for my son to get well soon  Avraham Meir son of Esther  Health  3/15/2010  2
marriage  chava channa daughter of hannah  Marriage  3/15/2010  0
eternal life  sara daughter of sara  Health  3/15/2010  1
Refua Shelayma / speedy recovery  Devorah Miriam daughter of Etta  Health  3/15/2010  1
HEALTH  SAM son of BRIGITTE  Health  3/15/2010  0
financial/shalom bayit  esther batya daughter of sara rivka  Financial  3/15/2010  0
Mental Health  Chava daughter of Miriam  Health  3/15/2010  5
ms  sharon daughter of sarah  Marriage  3/15/2010  1
Mrs.  Chaya Leah Brinda daughter of Bayla  Financial  3/15/2010  0
Direction   n/a daughter of RD (father)   Health  3/15/2010  3
prayer  Lirone daughter of Sarah  Financial  3/15/2010  0
Financial Stability  Shlomo Yitzhak son of yehudit  Financial  3/15/2010  1
Mrs  Beilah Yehudit daughter of Miriam  Financial  3/15/2010  1
Ms.  Marta daughter of Amalya  Health  3/14/2010  0
Please pray for my grandson's health  Zev Yitzhak son of Bat El  Health  3/14/2010  2
health  shana chaya daughter of sappora  Health  3/14/2010  0
marriage  Freide Rickl daughter of Chana Feigue  Marriage  3/14/2010  2
marriage partner  chana daughter of rivka  Marriage  3/14/2010  1
Refuah Shlemah  Ilan son of Liron  Health  3/14/2010  0
Shalom Bayit (peace in the home)  Hadassa daughter of Sarah  Marriage  3/14/2010  1
Marriage  Ester daughter of Sara  Marriage  3/14/2010  1
shidduch (marriage partner)  Sarah-Menucha daughter of Sarah  Marriage  3/14/2010  0
financial  yasibah daughter of rifka  Financial  3/14/2010  0
praying for my famiy unit  yazbah daughter of rifka  Health  3/14/2010  1
Ms.  Bayla daughter of Sara  Health  3/14/2010  0
Financial Security  Lazar Yussel son of Esther  Financial  3/14/2010  0
employment  Shoshanna daughter of Sarah  Financial  3/14/2010  0
Prayer for grandson  Jordan son of Chava bat Ruth and Moshe ha Cohen  Health  3/14/2010  1
Shidduch  Shoshanna daughter of Sarah  Marriage  3/14/2010  0
Shalom  Jeremiah son of Rivka  Health  3/14/2010  0
Praying for a child  Chana-Esther daughter of Penina  Children  3/14/2010  4
Direction and focus needed  Chaya daughter of Sarah  Health  3/14/2010  2
In need of a job  Marta daughter of Sarah  Financial  3/14/2010  0
Teaching job  Devorah daughter of Sarah  Financial  3/14/2010  0
Financial sustinance  Sarah Rivkah daughter of Sarah  Financial  3/14/2010  0
Prayer for the health  Leyka daughter of Sarah  Health  3/14/2010  4
Strength  Rachael daughter of Shoshana  Children  3/14/2010  1
Urgent prayer needed  Ya'akov son of Chana  Health  3/14/2010  3
pray for my safe journey out of Venezuela  Tober daughter of Rochel Leah  Health  3/14/2010  2
Safe Return of My Dog  Gilah daughter of Patricia Ruth  Health  3/14/2010  4
ms  Chava Leah daughter of ---  Health  3/14/2010  0
shiduch (marriage partner)  yael daughter of simcha  Marriage  3/14/2010  0
Miracle in my family  Ileana daughter of Tamar  Health  3/14/2010  0
Parnossah / Job  Chaya Sara daughter of Henya Alta  Financial  3/14/2010  0
shidduch (marriage partner)  chanah daughter of chava  Marriage  3/14/2010  0
Financial Security  Tova daughter of Ruth  Financial  3/14/2010  2
prayer for shidduch (marriage partner)  Zehava Dafnit daughter of Gittel  Marriage  3/14/2010  1
Mature woman in need of shidduch  Baila daughter of Zelda  Marriage  3/6/2010  2
Please storm the heavens!  Eliezer Chaim son of Zelda Tzippora  Health  2/23/2010  7
Prayers for Life Transition  Leah Rachel daughter of Lieba  Financial  2/16/2010  1
In Need of Shidduch (marriage partner)  Rivkah daughter of Yasha Simcha  Marriage  2/14/2010  1
Kaddish Conversion  N/A daughter of Minoru (Japanese father)  Health  2/14/2010  4
Healing to broken hearts  Rivkah daughter of Miryam  Children  2/14/2010  5
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