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The King Awaits

30 Menachem Av, 5742 · August 19, 1982


The King Awaits: 30 Menachem Av, 5742 · August 19, 1982

The first Chabad Rebbe offers a parable illustrating G-d’s closeness of every individual during the Hebrew month of Elul.
King in the Field, Lubavitcher Rebbe
The King Awaits
30 Menachem Av, 5742 · August 19, 1982
Disc 65, Program 258

Event Date: 30 Av 5742 - August 19, 1982

The Alter Rebbe offers a parable illustrating G-d’s closeness to every Jew during the month of Elul:

A wise and powerful king returns to his capital city, but does not enter the gates. He waits for his subjects to empty out of the capital and greet him in the field. There, in the field, each person can encounter the king. And he receives them all with a smiling countenance.

In translating the analogy, it seems strange: If the Jews are already in “G-d’s city” why would He want them to leave when the month of Elul comes around?

G-d desires that a soul go down into this world — which is a “field” compared to G-d's “city” in Heaven above — and turn this world into a Divine dwelling place. And so, from the beginning of Elul, both aspects are underscored: Every Jew, the Alter Rebbe tells us, is “a resident of the King’s city.” At the same time, G-d Himself is in the field, waiting to be with every Jew.

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Anonymous Beverly Hills, CA USA via chabadmm.com August 26, 2009

The field Wow what a beautiful speech what a great Rabbi. Reply

Anonymous Calgary, AB August 21, 2009

The Field I know about this field. The Rebbe is an utterly wonderful person. The world is so fortunate to have persons like him. You can 'feel' him. Reply

Melissa Fort Kent , ME August 20, 2009

Great Teaching Wow. That was really great. All of the regular Chabad.org readers should listen to this--it really gives one focus for the month of Elul. Reply

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