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“Nyeh Zhuritsi Chlopsi”

12 Tammuz, 5743 · June 23, 1983

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“Nyeh Zhuritsi Chlopsi”: 12 Tammuz, 5743 · June 23, 1983

Sung by Chassidim as they traveled to the town of Lubavitch to visit the Mittler Rebbe, the words of this Nigun allude to their hopeful yearnings: When they reach the Rebbe, they will drink from “the well of Torah and Chassidism,” and lack nothing.
Lubavitcher Rebbe
“Nyeh Zhuritsi Chlopsi”
12 Tammuz, 5743 · June 23, 1983
Disc 54, Program 216

Event Date: 12 Tammuz 5743 - June 23, 1983
Living Torah

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Rafael V. Rabinovich Crown Heights February 16, 2013

Lyrics Nyeh Zhuritsi Khlopsi
Chto Snami Budiet
Mi Poyedem do Kartchonku
Tam iy Vodka Budyet Reply

Yehoshua Zeev israel January 31, 2013

Nyeh Zhuritsi chlopsi What are the lyrics or the song? (not the tanslation). Reply

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