My Soul Thirsts - Tzama Lecha Nafshi

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Tzama Lecha Nafshi

“My soul thirsts for You, my flesh longs for You; (as one) in a desolate and dry land without water, so (I thirst) to see You in the Sanctuary, to behold Your might and glory.” (Psalm 63)
Tzama Lecha Nafshi, Lubavitcher Rebbe
My Soul Thirsts - Tzama Lecha Nafshi
Disc 50, Program 197

Event Date: 20 Av 5742 - August 09, 1982
“My soul thirsts for You, my flesh longs for You; (as one) in a desolate and dry land without water, so (I thirst) to see You in the Sanctuary, to behold Your might and glory.” (Psalm 63)

This song was first taught by the Rebbe on 28 Nissan, 5714 - 1954.
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Todros ben Mendel Canberra June 10, 2015

I have become a member of Chabad ACT in Canberra and am trying hard to affiliate with chassidic thought under the exceptional influence of a great Rabbi, Rabbi Shmueli Feldman. I heard him singing a nigin last Shabbat and researched on thet Net to find Tzama Lecha Nafshi. I played the song 20 times in a bid to join the great congregation. What an experience. What a joy. Tears to my eyes. I am 73. Thank you Rebbe thank you. Reply

Nachman R. March 4, 2015

No Words I have no words to explain my feelings when I hear this. If I was able to be there I wouldn't of been able to control my joy! The Rebbe, in righteous memory, has left us with many stories and things of this in which I am very thankful! Reply

April Aurora, CO March 10, 2012

simply beautiful I can't begin to describe what I feel inside everytime I hear this. 1st heard it on Matisyahu's concert CD. I found myself hitting the repeat button, not even wanting to listen to the rest of the songs; this is peculiar because I dont speak Hebrew so I had know idea what my soul was even responding to.

It became so consuming I googled the words I could make out and it brought me here. The first time Chabad.org just had an audio recording; but let me tell you, when I heard it (I was at work too) I burst into tears, it was so overwhelming to hear this big crowd in unity singing this scripture. To read it in English, it confirmed why this resonated so strongly within.

I came back this morning to play it for my husband, and I find the video. Again I'm in tears of joy to see such a huge assembly of men, united in faith. You just don't see that anymore. I may not be directly Jewish, but my soul is, if that's even possible? God bless you beautiful people! Reply

Levi Silman Cape Town, South Africa April 9, 2010

Amazing! Beautiful video clip.

Close to home. I was born 8/9/82. Reply

Anonymous New York, NY July 10, 2005

I'm not even chassidisch, but this is such a moving clip. It almost brings me to tears, not only watching the rebbe as he seems like an incredible man, but watching the hasidim all in rythm singing "my soul thirsts!"...indeed it does. Reply

Adam Yair Michels Johannesburg, south africa August 4, 2008

wow!!! This was amazing and in away makes me jealous that I never had the honour or priviledge of having the chance to vebrein with the Rebbe Reply

Paula Stone West Bloomfield, MI June 10, 2006

The Rebbe's Holy Neshama & Great Leadership This little video clip tells so much in such a limited amount of mere seconds: It shows how our Rebbe brought together the soul force of our new Jewish leaders. It illustrates the comraderie of the men who were united into a strong force by this amazing Rebbe, who allowed them to experience their essential soul force together. What an amazing spiritual leader with a great gift for unification! Reply

Steve Barnes (Avimelech Ben Avraham) Beggs, Ok May 24, 2006

My name is Avi I am a recent convert this song brought tears to my eyes and a thirst in my soul. My mind did not understand one much of what was said but my soul understood completely. Thank you and praise and blessings to HaShem. Reply

Israel White Manchester, England May 24, 2006

My soul thirsts. Makes you feel proud to be Jewish, a very moving song,and gives you some idea of the vast amount of Jewish communities, in eastern europe, that have long disapeard, and what might have been. Shalom. Reply

Jeremy Shearmur Canberra, Australia February 28, 2007

My Soul Thirsts This is a wonderful and most moving clip, which I must have played some ten times since I located it yesterday. Many thanks for making it available. Reply

Alexandru December 15, 2006

Very Beautiful and Soul Moving, Shalom,

I am Christian Orthodox, and our church is very much resembling in his aspect for the respect of tradition and wisdom of real elders as our chassidisch brothers are.

I was very moved about this song and the whole environment I saw there in this small video clip.

Some day by the will of GOD I will attend a service in a synagogue to pray and sing like these wonderful people.

Very moving... Reply

moish Bbrooklyn, NY November 29, 2006

The Rebbe May the zechus of the Rebbe bring Moshiach now. Reply

Chris Driscoll ( Rafael Cordovero) Brea, Ca/Orange County June 6, 2007

Eternal Thrist The very first time I heard this my soul jumped out of my body and slapped me across the face and said: "Wake Up!" I was spiritually orphaned most of my life until I found my roots through a High School assignment. So I've been searching since 1997. I bought a TaNaKh and been studying ever since. This song reminded my soul where it came from. I'm so thankful that this song gave me a new awakening.

I've been helped out by a wonderful Jewish family in Brea, California. They lead me in the right direction by connecting me with ChaBaD of Yorba Linda With One Real Sharp Rabbi! Thank You Howard & Tikvah! My Hashem BLess them in this world and the world to come. Reply

Anonymous Jerualem November 19, 2006

a reply to Damian The push and pull of Kedusha (holiness) which you decribe is the rhythm of the universe and it affects us all. I am sure your Rabbi would take great pleasure in your letter, which is far from what you fear as being "cold". When you modestly call your response to the Rebbe's niggun "simple awe", this points to a very warm spiritual emotion indeed. Reply

Damian Sharratt Tallahassee, FL/USA November 19, 2006

I've been going to chabad in tallahassee for about a year now, and constantly learning and taking baby steps towards a more jewish life. Seeing this video is a little intimidating for me because there is something awesome about that whole scene that kind of lures you in and at the same time scares you away. My rabbi, Schnear Oriechman just went to New York with all the other Chabad rabbi's and even though the rebbe isn't there I can only imagine it was like that. A part of me wants to become one of those guys in the black suits and the long beards and I guess this video offers a little push. I feel kinda bad though, somewhat cold, after seeing the video a couple times, because I didn't have the slightest feeling to cry, I was simply in awe and curious at the same time. Reply

Wendy Jerusalem, Israel June 21, 2006

To hear the Rebbe sing To hear the Rebbe sing this has always been like hearing the essence of song itself. After that, what more can be, or need be said. Reply

To Truly Beautiful March 21, 2006

When you're thirsty for a drink of water, do you ask whether you're looking for an escapism?

When you cry for a father's love, do you ask yourself whether it is a form of escapism?

Give you soul a chance. Please. Reply

Anthony Greene Aventura, Florida February 23, 2006

Trully Beautiful Beautiful, tully beautiful.

Is this the path???

My soul wants it, but maybe I am looking for escapism. This debate has been inside my mind for the past 24 months Reply

Asa Tsadaq December 16, 2005

I cried. I cried again. . . May our souls be satisfied with Living Water. Reply

Miriam September 21, 2005

this niggun When I watch the Rebbe sing this niggun... my soul thirsts. I have made a painting from the inspiration I got from watching this... Reply

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