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An Extra Sweet Year

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An Extra Sweet Year

In case it has been decreed upon a person to turn to others for help this coming year, it should already be fulfilled now, by receiving this sweet cake.
Lekach, Lubavitcher Rebbe
An Extra Sweet Year
Disc 40, Program 158

Event Date: 8 Tishrei 5749 - September 19, 1988
Living Torah

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Anonymous Paducah, KY September 16, 2010

Sweet Year I thought the message of giving to be very appropriate for this time of year. I wish I were actively seeking God's blessing as I once did with people of faith, but wish all a wonderful festival even though I am here alone. How many more people can you fit in to that hallway? Reply

Richard Ackermann Rego Park, NY September 25, 2009

That look... Who can forget receiving kos shel bracha from the Rebbe. His piercing look and untiring movements to serve everyone in line regardless of how long the line stretched. Politicos, cops and the Rebbe's children -- his chassidim -- stood equally awaiting our turn to receive our sweet bracha from the Rebbe. L'chayim! Reply

DeWayne Blaine, MN @ USA September 25, 2009

The Sweet Cake Giving Wonderful, the honorable older man giving the message was wonderful also. It did my heart good tiding just hearing this man speak, such hope and peace he presented to Jewish where ever they may be found today.

Thank you for sending your email to this appreciative old Christian man, such blessings your G_d has in store for you. Reply

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