Why the Rebbetzin Pawned Her Pearls

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Why the Rebbetzin Pawned Her Pearls

Rabbi Shmuel of Lubavitch would travel extensively to advocate for his fellow Jews. He would often return to a surprise.
Charity, Rebbetzin Rivkah, R. Shmuel of Lubavitch, Lubavitcher Rebbe
Why the Rebbetzin Pawned Her Pearls
Disc 192, Program 765

Event Date: 13 Tishrei 5744 - September 20, 1983

Rabbi Shmuel of Lubavitch, the Rebbe Maharash, would travel extensively throughout Europe and the Russian Empire to advocate for his fellow Jews in Russian lands.

Whenever he returned to Lubavitch, he was faced with the task of redeeming the pearls of his wife, Rebbetzin Rivka, which she would pawn in order to give more charity in his absence!

A Jew should never pass up a chance to give more charity – he is assured that whatever he gives will ultimately come back, not just spiritually, but also materially.

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Anonymous Eretz Yisroel May 8, 2019

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