Let G-d Do the Rest

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Let G-d Do the Rest

Generally, the requirements of the Variable Offering change according to one’s financial ability. Yet, within these laws, Maimonides brings a case of a poor person who pledges to bring the offerings of someone with more means than him. How will he afford it? Doesn’t Jewish law only obligate a person according to his means? Yet, this law emphasizes, that if he pledged to bring the offering, he will be given the means to fulfill his promise. When a Jew commits to doing something positive; if he resolves to disregard his own shortcomings and do a favor for another Jew, we are assured that G-d will help him fulfill his pledge – a lesson illustrated by a story of printing the Tzemach Tzeddek.
Korbanot, Charity, Lubavitcher Rebbe
Let G-d Do the Rest
Disc 191, Program 761

Event Date: 26 Tishrei 5746 - October 11, 1985
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