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A Farbrengen

18 Elul, 5736 • September 13, 1976


A Farbrengen: 18 Elul, 5736 • September 13, 1976

A Farbrengen on the birthday of the two “Great Luminaries” of the Chassidic Movement: the Baal Sham Tov and the Alter Rebbe.
Lubavitcher Rebbe
A Farbrengen
18 Elul, 5736 • September 13, 1976
Disc 27, Program 105

Event Date: 18 Elul 5736 - September 13, 1976

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Chani Benjaminson, chabad.org September 18, 2008

Re: Women not allowed Though the women are not visible in the video, they were there. Jewish tradition advocates the separation of men and women during public functions, especially ones of a religious nature. (See Why Is Torah Law So Restrictive of Contact Between the Genders?) Therefore, during the Rebbe’s public gatherings, the women sat in the upper gallery (with oftentimes a better view of the goings on then the men...)

The Rebbe was at the forefront in encouraging women to live to their full potential, to be leaders and teachers—a visit to any Chabad center is living proof of that. In fact, on many occasions the Rebbe would devote an address specifically for the women, during which time the women sat in the “men's section” of the synagogue. Click here to see a video of one such gathering. Reply

SarahRachel September 18, 2008

It's Ridiculous That Women Are Not Allowed Where are the women here? How very sad that they are excluded from such a beautiful holy event as this. If I had been there, I would have attended no matter what I would be there with my Rebbe. It is my right as a Jew. Period. When Moshiach comes, may it be NOW, this type of patriarchal arrogance will cease. Too bad it won't happen before then. Half of the holiness of the Jews is cut off by women not being able to attend events such as this, making up a minyan, etc. Since women are on a higher spiritual level than men, it should be men learning from the women, not being excluded. Reply

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