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To ‘Wonderful’ there is No Limit

24 Tevet, 5749• January 1, 1989

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To ‘Wonderful’ there is No Limit: 24 Tevet, 5749• January 1, 1989

May your son be a source of pride for the Jewish People as a US Senator in Washington. If he has been a wonderful son until now, he can surely become even more wonderful in the future.
Lieberman, Joseph, Lubavitcher Rebbe
To ‘Wonderful’ there is No Limit
24 Tevet, 5749• January 1, 1989
Disc 26, Program 103

Event Date: 24 Tevet 5749 - January 01, 1989
Living Torah

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Anonymous Arlington, VA January 7, 2010

The Rebbe with Lieberman '89 ...the Rebbe is just light years more knowing, more understanding than most anyone alive; I had never heard his voice before, and I have been touched by his sagacity and above all Love. What a gift G-d gave us when He gave us this great great Rabbi. The Rebbe inspires because he is a man, simply a humble man who chose the way of pure wisdom and Love thru G-d. He still lives in our hearts. Reply

Ed Fesenmeyer St. Louis, MO/USA October 23, 2009

Torah video I too was taken aback with inspiration as I viewed the video. After the video completed I just sat a few moments and looked at the blog posted by Anonymous on Aug. 30, 2006 and thought "wow, that is what I pretty much felt also". Reply

Anonymous Cedarhurst, NY via August 30, 2006

Torah video What an opportunity this was, as i sit at my computer and listen to the Rebbe's words as well as seeing him, an inspiration for the day. Reply

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