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Faith Comes First

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Faith Comes First

To many, Judaism represents intellectualism, analysis, study, and questioning. While it’s true that as Jews, we place great emphasis on a critical education, there’s another necessary ingredient before we’re ready for any of that.
Shavuot, Naaseh V'nishma, Lubavitcher Rebbe
Faith Comes First
Disc 179, Program 714

Event Date: 4 Sivan 5744 - June 04, 1984
Living Torah

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Avy Montreal January 28, 2022

How do I overcome physical pain with faith ? Reply

Simcha Bart January 30, 2022
in response to Avy:

This is indeed difficult to address with just a prepackaged answer, as everyone is different in how they can approach this. Perhaps you can find some inspiration from someone else who has dealt with pain - you can read about this here Coping with Pain. You may be interested as well in A Life of Joy in Spite of Pain. Reply

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