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Profession of the Jewish Child

Lag B’omer, 5744 • May 20, 1984

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Profession of the Jewish Child: Lag B’omer, 5744 • May 20, 1984

Lag B’omer celebrates the Yahrzeit of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, and is a time to draw inspiration from his life’s work. Rabbi Shimon’s Torah study was so great that it was his “occupation,” a level unattained even by his greatest peers. But how, then, is a young child to attempt to emulate him?
Lubavitcher Rebbe
Profession of the Jewish Child
Lag B’omer, 5744 • May 20, 1984
Disc 22, Program 88

Event Date: 18 Iyar 5744 - May 20, 1984

Rabbi Shimon’s example applies especially to children, because they have no responsibilities or financial burdens to distract them. They can devote all their time to studying Torah. Their dedication to Torah study leaves a deep impression on their busy parents, who will then try to make more time for exclusive Torah study, as well.

A Jew needs to eat, pursue a livelihood, and so on. But when he makes Torah his true focus, his studies permeate his entire day. Then, in truth, he is always involved in his true profession: Torah.

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Sara Esther Spiero Amsterdam April 14, 2021

So true.
Are there any parades of 2 or more hours to watch on Lag BaOmer? Due to the corona virus I cannot go to a bonfire this year.
If there are would it be able to be posted here.
I would really like it.
Sara Esther Spiero Reply

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