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Al Achas

11 Nissan, 5737 • March 30, 1977


Al Achas: 11 Nissan, 5737 • March 30, 1977

In the Haggadah, after listing the many miracles and gifts G-d gave the Jewish People after their exodus from Egypt, we recite: “How much more so should we be grateful to the Omnipresent One for the doubled and redoubled goodness that He bestowed upon us, for He has brought us out of Egypt.”
Passover, Al Achas, Lubavitcher Rebbe
Al Achas
11 Nissan, 5737 • March 30, 1977
Disc 21, Program 83

Event Date: 11 Nissan 5737 - March 30, 1977
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