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Sunday Dollars

21 Shevat, 5752 • January 26, 1992

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Sunday Dollars: 21 Shevat, 5752 • January 26, 1992

Every Sunday, beginning in 1986, thousands of people would come to see the Rebbe, seeking his blessings and advice. The Rebbe gave each person a dollar bill to be given to charity.
Sunday Dollars, Lubavitcher Rebbe
Sunday Dollars
21 Shevat, 5752 • January 26, 1992
Disc 21, Program 82

Event Date: 21 Shevat 5752 - January 26, 1992
Living Torah

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Sabrina Brooklyn May 3, 2022

I am ashamed to tell but when my husband went with his cousin in the 1990 we were really broke. My husband took the dollar and bought some kind of lottery ticket that made him a winner of another dollar. Then with that dollar he bought again a lottery and won $ 18. With that money he went to buy food for our shabbos. Reply

Sam Leon June 18, 2015

Re:Give or take I agree. Had I been at one of these dollar giveaways, I'd kept it as a reminder of the the humanity and kindness we humans are capable of. It's nice to know that for every terrorist, murderer and rapist out there, there are a hundred tzaddiks to heal the world of their evil. Reply

Chani Benjaminson, May 21, 2009

Give or take Most people kept the dollar the Rebbe gave them and gave another dollar to charity instead. You can do the same now, it's never too late to do a good deed! Reply

PJ May 20, 2009

Sunday dollar. I recall my aunt being there and getting a dollar for the rebbe. to this day I still have this dollar....may be I should have given it away instead of keeping it?? Reply

Jason Abdian Beverly Hills via December 24, 2021
in response to PJ:

keep it as a reminder (where you can see it daily) to keep giving tzedekah, this will accomplish what his intent was when he was giving the dollar. Reply

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