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The Power of Charity

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The Power of Charity

Rabbi Dovid Shochet recalls a most amazing story that took place following a lecture he had given to students in Buffalo, New York. During his talk, he related a story which took place with a miser who was later revealed to be the secret benefactor of his entire town. After concluding his speech, Rabbi Shochet was approached by a young priest in the audience. Little did he know the impact of the story he had told. (1960's)
Heller, R. Yomtov Lipman, Charity, Lubavitcher Rebbe
The Power of Charity
Disc 164, Program 654

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Anonymous March 18, 2017

Descendent of? Was the priest a descent of the miser or the Rabbi? Reply

mendy nj April 1, 2019
in response to Anonymous:

I believe the priest was a descendent of the miser.

Hashem repaid the miser for his tzedakah by sending a Descendent of the tosfos yom tov (Rabbi Schochet) to bring his grandchild back to yidishkiet Reply

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