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Memories of 15 Shevat, 1941, in Marseille

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Memories of 15 Shevat, 1941, in Marseille

In 1941, the Rebbe travelled to Marseilles, France, to obtain entry visas to the United States for himself and his wife, Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka. While there, the Rebbe maintained his characteristic low profile, but at a gathering in honor of the New Year for Trees, he gave those present a taste of things to come. (1941)
Ketubot, 15 Shevat, Lubavitcher Rebbe
Memories of 15 Shevat, 1941, in Marseille
Disc 163, Program 649

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Usher Florida February 1, 2018

These videos are fabulous. The issue probably is how do you achieve Drive To Watch.
I once read that the Rebbe had said that Moshiach could not come before the advent of the television age, because the actual arrival of the Moshiach would have to be seen worldwide, and that could only be done via T.V.
And I add via all of the electronic devices that are extant today.
These videos are laying the ground work.
As my dearly departed mother used to say "it is closer than further."
But of course it sounded better in Yiddish. Reply

Anonymous Brooklytn January 31, 2018

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Why is the Rabbi wearing rings on his fingers.

Does a male where rings? Reply

Holly USA January 31, 2018

Beautiful Reply

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