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Research Results

Hans Morgenthau was a major twentieth-century figure in the study of international politics. In 1991, while researching his life for a dissertation, Dr. Benjamin Mollov came to 770 to interview Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky about his subject’s relationship with the Rebbe. As it turned out, Dr. Mollov, developed a relationship of his own. (1991)
Lubavitcher Rebbe
Research Results
Disc 153, Program 611

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1 Comment
L Michigan May 23, 2016

Wow Unbelievable. The insight into one person's encounter and the story behind it is sobering. It reminds one of the tens of thousands of similar such encounters and the impact the Rebbe had on each one of those lives.
p.s I wonder what was the Rebbe's intent with mentioning the professor's daughter Shoshana. Reply

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