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When the Nurse Blinded Our Newborn

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When the Nurse Blinded Our Newborn

Like all parents, the Landbergs were very excited by the birth of their son. Their joy, however, was short lived when their child was blinded by a nurse’s negligence. Given the frightening prognosis, their doctor offered a surprising referral.(1973)
Sight, Lubavitcher Rebbe
When the Nurse Blinded Our Newborn
Disc 153, Program 609

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Y Hecht via m.chabadulstercounty.org May 8, 2016

What happened to the Teffilin connection? Beautiful and inspiring.

There are hundreds and hundreds of students of the Lubavitcher Yeshiva that remember him with fond memories. Whether they learned in his class or not. (I wasn't his student.)

The way we knew the story was, that at that time he took upon himself to start putting on Tefillin every day. (I'm not sure if that was a request to him by the Rebbe or advice from Rabbi Tennenbaum.)
One day his sons eyes were hurting him with tremendous pain. At that time he remembered that he did not yet put on Teffilin. Of course he immediately put them on and the pain stopped. Reply

former student of Mr. Landberg May 7, 2016

What about the tefillen part of the story? I thought the Rebbe told Mr. Landberg that he should start putting on tefillen everyday and his son would see. I think I also recall hearing that one day he missed and his son started complaining about his eyes. His father put on tefillen and he felt better. Reply

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