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Words of Encouragement

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Words of Encouragement

As a young woman, Sarah Rifkah Sassonkin was sent by the Rebbe to be a teacher in Milan, Italy, where her sister and brother-in-law served as shluchim. Overwhelmed by her new responsibilities, she wrote an emotional letter to the Rebbe. (1960)
Lubavitcher Rebbe
Words of Encouragement
Disc 149, Program 595

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Alicia Madrid February 5, 2016

Work Certainly it is a tremendous amount of work and endless effort and sacrifice when the "Boss" is G-d. In a Catholic land such as Milan, I guess salaries for these type of jobs are so little and personal needs are located not at the beginning of the list. May G-d consider our work might have a better quality if our prayers are listened too ? Especially when our work is aimed to help other Jewish persons. Shabat Shalom Reply

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