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The Beginning of Camp


The Beginning of Camp

When Rabbi Moshe Lazar was a yeshiva student in his late teens, he wrote to the Rebbe with the idea of opening a Chabad summer camp for Jewish children – an initiative the Rebbe embraced. (Mid 1950's)
Summer Camp, Gan Yisroel, Lubavitcher Rebbe
The Beginning of Camp
Disc 142, Program 566

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1 Comment
Bryna North Miami Beach July 13, 2015

Thank You! Such gratitude to you R. Lazar for thinking of this wonderful idea and giving our children chayus (life) every summer! My youngest just went for the first time this year and in only 3 weeks I see such a difference in his behavior, from his speech to his midos, and his perception of Yiddishkeit. He is so happy! Thank you. Thank you. Reply

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