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Moses and the Simpleton

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Moses and the Simpleton

The unique traits essential for a true Torah student.
Moses, Criticism; Rebuke, Humility, Ethics of the Fathers, Mount Sinai, Lubavitcher Rebbe
Moses and the Simpleton
Disc 7, Program 27

Event Date: 19 Kislev 5743 - December 05, 1982

When recording the chain of passing down the Torah, Ethics of the Fathers states that the Torah was received by Moses from Sinai. Why the emphasis on this particular individual and this particular location?

Moses and Sinai each stand for unique traits that must distinguish anyone true student of Torah – one who is to receive the Torah in his or her own life.

Sinai was unique in that it was “the lowest of all mountains.” Yet it was a mountain, not a valley; one must truly be great as ‘a mountain,’ but humble as a valley. Moses, who gave us the teachings that guide us for all generations, was “humble before every person on the face of the earth.” This is the perfect balance of humility and greatness required in order to receive the Torah.

If one ventures to criticize a fellow Jew, he must first make sure that he is as humble as Moses.

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brian September 13, 2023

I take the Rebbe's meaning as never passing judgement on the beliefs of others, as was done, for example, in the famous printed condemnation, published in 1772 by the Vilna Gaon, against the rising Hasidut movement, "חרם חמור." I also take the editor's point that the rule applies as much as ever in today's social media and website publishing environment. Reply

Doniel Earth August 25, 2023


I love this, it has answered questions I had for a while and given me answers to questions I should have been asking all along. Reassurance to some precepts I had but was unsure and refined what I need to do and should have been doing more, if at all. Reply

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