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Second Chances

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Second Chances

The Mishna states that every Jew is righteous. Yet how can it be expected of every Jew, regardless of circumstances or the education he received, that he conduct himself “righteously” in every aspect of his life?
Pesach Sheni, Lubavitcher Rebbe
Second Chances
Disc 127, Program 505

Event Date: 4 Sivan 5744 - June 04, 1984

The message of the “Second Passover” is that it’s never too late. The festival was instituted for those who were impure or far away during Passover, providing them, too, with a chance to bring the Paschal sacrifice.

The lesson: Even the Jew who is “far away” from Judaism, need not feel dejected, that he “missed out.” He can truly make up and for what he missed.

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