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Message from Behind the Iron Curtain


Message from Behind the Iron Curtain

Rabbi Yehuda Leib Levin, Moscow’s chief rabbi, was sent by the Soviet government to the United States to assure the West that Soviet Jewry faces no discrimination and is free to practice its religion.
Lubavitcher Rebbe, Soviet War on Judaism
Message from Behind the Iron Curtain
Disc 123, Program 492

Event Date: 12 Tammuz 5728 - July 08, 1968

Rabbi Yehuda Leib Levin, Moscow’s chief rabbi, was sent by the Soviet government to the United States to assure the West that Soviet Jewry faces no discrimination and is free to practice its religion.

Rabbi Levin was accompanied by minders who listened to his every word. Despite his own convictions, during a speaking engagement in New York, he displayed photographs of Jewish institutions in Moscow as evidence that Soviet Jewry was thriving.

He was challenged by some members of his audience and accorded a hostile reception by some Jewish leaders who saw his presentation as counterproductive to the cause of Soviet Jewry.

The Rebbe, understanding his predicament, saw the matter in a very different light.

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Ida W Rosen New Jersey, USA February 23, 2014

It is a great thing to be feeling attched to God with so much love and dedication from the heart. This kind of feeling calls EMUNAH-Chassid. My reading from the Chabad it adds to it even more. Thank you, Reply

Germano Riviera "Levy" or Levine is Spanish. Palm Harbor February 21, 2014

Do never forget ! In this world; there are so many that for one reason or another, grew-up practicly alone. I was raised by two of the must kindest people I ever meet in my whole life. My Grand-Parents...After they died I found myself all alone, and have to make of my life the best that I could with the little I had. G-d has guided me through all this years with his holy shield, and has kept me out of serious harm. Now ! I am an older man with the understanding that there in nothing more satisfiying; then to do or be kind with our follow man. Not to brag about been kind, but to as an original quality that we all shoulf posses as a good human being. Dear brethren; forgive my orthografic errors, since I do know that besides been very imperfet, I am also a very bad speller. I am a Colombian Jew; that have been lost for so many years now. Use to observe The Sabbath, but have keept a wondow open for a brighter future, with the hope that G-d will guide me once again on the right track. Shabbath Shalom to all. Reply

Anonymous February 20, 2014

Jewry in Russia If a man comes as a marionette complete with minder, is he alive? Why get hostile. We have a brain fed on Torah. That alone should tell one's eyes what it sees and its ears what it hears. Working through conversation, is cryptic. But being cruel or rude to one who has been chosen to be an example should be offered only kindness. I read somewhere True Kindness is something for nothing. What cost is it to you to play this game? It's a story. We learn more about ourselves than others, the marionettes. Walk with G-d. Think with the brain nourished by Torah et al. Set the example for them so they see the image of G-d and have no fear and so the Jewish marionettes can gain true freedom and become true free people of G-d. A leader sets the example a true leader has learned that nothing really gets solved without loving kindness. If one is a true Jew from the heart and mind all the knowledge needed is being transmitted, one need to be receptive. One must always set the example. Watch and learn. Reply

Kayo Kaneko Tokyo February 18, 2014

The Rabbi from Moscow This is truly the Rebbe's education. Todah rabah for providing us these priceless Chabad Chassidus. Reply

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