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“But Where Is G-d?”

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"But Where Is G-d?"

Mr. Elliot Lasky had returned from a concert tour with a famous band when he experienced an unexpected spiritual awakening and began to reexamine his lost faith. (1973)
Lubavitcher Rebbe
“But Where Is G-d?”
Disc 117, Program 467

Living Torah

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Barry Graham Silver Spring, MD July 28, 2017

I know Elliot, I met him in Monsey when we lived there I also know his brother. I didn't know this story. Very touching. Reply

Anonymous September 23, 2013

This video brings to the light the powerful message that Chassidus has to teach us. That the psyche of the Jew is His Jewish soul, and only by aligning himself with his soul can he release himself from conflict, find peace,and live a fulfilling life.
This video is so beautiful. I will have to share it. I love the Rebbe. Reply

Dayana Obadya Tucson, AZ September 2, 2013

Thank you for sharing this experience I have watched it more than once and shared the emotion and tears. Reply

JDV September 2, 2013

Where is G-d How would one describe the essence of the Jew when compared to other groups? Is performing mitzvot the most important thing?

PS: This reminds me, it's time to send in my donation to Chabad. Better small than not at all! Reply

Beverly Kurtin Texas September 2, 2013

A Quantum Question Hashem is everywhere all the time. How can that be? How can Gd be keeping the universe together? As a scientist, and one who is dangerously ignorant of quantum physics, the question is, is Gd a quantum? Quantas can be everywhere at once. I'm not making a statement, I'm asking a question. Reply

Anonymous September 2, 2013

So Powerful! Will forward to family and friends. Will answer a lot of questions...
Thank you so much for sharing the Rebbe's timely teachings, guidance and care. Reply

Anonymous Southeastern PA September 2, 2013

Shocked I am shocked by the callousness of the first comment to this video. I watched this video as soon as it was released and I found it very moving and touching. Anyone with a heart would feel the same. I feel great joy that this man made t'shuvah and is now living a fulfilling Jewish life.

Think how many precious souls have been lost to Judaism because of attitudes like those displayed in the first comment. No one is born knowing Yiddishkeit - it must be taught.

No one will seek answers from a cold, resentful teacher. This is why I support Chabad, whose warmth and love enables estranged Jews to engage in learning and observance. Kol ha-kavod, and blessings for a shanah tovah for all our people. Reply

Gitel Chana Levin NEW HAVEN September 2, 2013

Where is G-d In response to Anonymous...Just like when G-d asked Adam, "Where are you?" it wasn't for his location, but in a deeper way, it meant "where are you holding in your life with respect to your relationship with Me?". So too, asking "Where is G-d?" is not a childish question, but the deepest, most important question we can ask. And whenG-d posed that question to Adam, the first man, he is , in effect, telling us all we MUST ask this question to ourselves. And the Rebbe clearly helped him know where to look - "in your heart".
As we are in the month of Elul, I believe this is exactly what we are all supposed to be asking? "Where is G-d in my like?" And then seeking him out. May we all be successful and be written and inscribed for a good year.

Anonymous Brooklyn, New York via August 31, 2013

But Where is G-d video? I was not moved by this video.
Here we have a lost soul in 1973 who questions his faith.
His Jewish and family upbringing was not strong. He should have known G-d is everywhere and not have not needed to ask a Rebbe and a stranger to him such childish questions.
He doesn't mention family or having true friends before making his journey to see the Rebbe. That's the saddest part of this video.
If he is happy in his faith now then it all worked out for him. Reply

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