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What Makes Purim Unique


What Makes Purim Unique

What makes Purim unique from all other Jewish holidays?
Purim, Lubavitcher Rebbe
What Makes Purim Unique
Disc 111, Program 442

Event Date: 14 Adar II 5733 - March 18, 1973

What makes Purim unique from all other Jewish holidays?

All the biblical festivals which came before it – Passover, Shavuos and Sukkos – celebrate the Jewish people’s freedom to serve G-d on their way to, and living in, their own land, the Land of Israel. Even Chanukah, which came after Purim, celebrates the victory over Greek oppression inside the Holy Land, in the days of the Holy Temple. Only Purim celebrates a redemption which took place outside the Jewish homeland, as the Temple lay in ruin, and with the majority of Jews living in exile even after the miracle.

The festival of Purim proves that no matter how scattered Jews may be across the globe, we remain eternally “one nation, whose religion is different from all others.” No threat of persecution or assimilation can break the eternal spiritual bonds that define and unite us.

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