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Operation Esther: Saving Yemenite Jewry

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Operation Esther: Saving Yemenite Jewry

“Rescuing the Jews in Yemen and relocating them to Israel is truly a matter of life and death. Regarding your work to keep the Land of Israel whole – it would more conducive to live in Israel and work from there; otherwise people will wonder why you traded the good and holy Land of Israel for the ‘gold-paved streets’ of America.”
Yemen, Lubavitcher Rebbe
Operation Esther: Saving Yemenite Jewry
Disc 91, Program 363

Event Date: 14 Cheshvan 5750 - November 12, 1989
Living Torah

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T F March 31, 2021

On 16 Nisan 5781/29 March 2021 (Ironically dureing preperation for [[Passover]]), the [[Iran|Iranian]]-backed [[Houthi movement|Houthi government]] deported all remaining Jews in Yemen except for 4 elderly community members who were too old or infirmed to be relocated The total of expelled Jews is 13;according to one report there are six Jews left behind including one woman; her brother; 3 others, and Levi Salem Marahbi (who has been imprisioned for helping smuggle a Torah scroll out of Yemen)[Times of Israel](It is also estimated Jewish women married to Muslins are left behind)
May the L-D listen and do justice on behalf of these left behhind..including Daugthers of Israel forced into marriage with Muslins Reply

T.F December 27, 2020

Of an estimated 100 Jews in Yemen In September 2020 58 went to UAE. In November 2020 38 Jews still in Yemen. In December 2020 a Israeli Rabbi vists the Jews who fleed to UAE [see report in vosizneias 2020 December 23 chief-rav-yitzchak-yosef-meets-yemenite-jews-who-escaped-to-uae/ Reply

T.Fazzini August 15, 2020

august 9,2020 Jewish family leaves Yemen
See Gulf News reports Reply

T.Fazzini August 21, 2020
in response to T.Fazzini:

Note these were the five Jews allowed to leave 16 July 2020 Yemen Reply

T.FAzzini July 31, 2020

On July 16, 2020 5 Jews were allowed to leave Yemen by the Houthi leaving 33 Jews in the Country {See online article Houthis (Arianize) Arabianize Jewish property in Yemen and force Jews to flee July 24,2020] In July 2020 the Mona Yemen Relief reported on their Website that as of July 19,2020 of the Jewish Population in Yemen there were only a "handful" of Jews in Sana'a

Today the 1st and 2nd Temples Fell...Jews of the World ....Do not let thy brethern fall as well do not forget thy brethern in Arab/muslin countries bring them up to Land of Israel.... Reply

Phil Fazzini Hamilton July 13, 2020

On July 13, 2020 it is reported that the Houti Milita is arresting the last 100 Jews of Yemen Baltimore Jewish News July 13,2020 Reply

P.Fazzini Hamilton July 12, 2020

In regard to the last 50 Jews in Yemen in 2020:
March 2020 the Jewish Cemetery in aden is Destroyed {Begin-Sadat Peace Center report]
April 28,2020 A Yeminite minister says Fate of last 50 Jews is Unknown {the Times of Israel April 28,2020}
A 2020 website of World Population with a section of Jewish Population per country has no listing of either Yemen nor of any Jews residing in Yemen Reply

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