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We Need Justice!

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We Need Justice!

Renowned Nazi-hunter Tuvia Friedman reveals the Rebbe’s role in his life’s work (circa 1970).
Holocaust, Lubavitcher Rebbe
We Need Justice!
Disc 87, Program 347

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Stephanie Deiters Germany January 27, 2013

Justice and punishment is necessary. But vengeance and hatred will not change the past. hate and revenge, recreating new hatred and revenge. Hatred and revenge will not shape the future postiv!
The Nazis have loosing for ever! But other bad wicked people wins all day!

Questioning the Divine

Tevet 18, 5772 � January 13, 2012
Based on letters and talks of the Rebbe, Rabbi M. M. Schneerson

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(To Elie Wiesel:)

Abraham, father of us all, questioned G‑d’s justice. So did Moses. So did Rabbi Akiva. So did many enlightened souls. You are not the first.

Of all those who questioned, there were two approaches: Those who meant it, and those who did not.

Those who wanted understanding gained understanding—a sense of nothingness encountering a reality far beyond our puny minds.

Those who asked but did not want to understand
gained nothing. Reply

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