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From Brooklyn to Cairo


From Brooklyn to Cairo

Mr. Yisroel Katzover is a senior journalist who covered the IDF for several decades for numerous Israeli newspapers and media channels. Through the years, he consulted and received much advice and guidance from the Rebbe.
Egypt, Daily Study Cycle of Maimonides, Lubavitcher Rebbe
From Brooklyn to Cairo
Disc 75, Program 298

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shlomie thornhill, ontario May 23, 2010

like mordecahi!!!!!!!!!! the rebbe we see is like mordecahi but in our days. in the megillah we find that "the other nations feared mordechai and respected him and his name traveled in all the countries" may we take this example and do something kind. that ripple effect is world wide as we see by the atom bomb, one press of a button even by a small child and a huge difference is made, even more so much greater when we speak about goodness and kindness. Reply

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