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Chanukah Money for the Children

December 2, 1988 · 23 Kislev, 5749


Chanukah Money for the Children: December 2, 1988 · 23 Kislev, 5749

Why we give children money, known as Chanukah gelt, to spend as they wish.
Chanukah Gelt, Lubavitcher Rebbe
Chanukah Money for the Children
December 2, 1988 · 23 Kislev, 5749
Disc 69, Program 275

Event Date: 23 Kislev 5749 - December 02, 1988

“Chanukah” comes from the Hebrew word ‘education.’ Therefore, education must be the focus and emphasis when it comes to all the observances of the holiday, including the custom to give children “Chanukah Gelt.”

Customs vary as to which night or day of Chanukah the Gelt should be given – but according to all opinions one can certainly give Chanukah Gelt on an additional day. What matters most is action – to give the children Chanukah Gelt as soon as possible.

It should be emphasized to the child that the Gelt is becoming his own money, to spend as he likes. But since he is a Jewish child, and especially since it is Chanukah, he will certainly remember how much a Jew strives to “Love your fellow as yourself.” And so, besides the other good things he will do with the Chanukah Gelt, he will also give a part of this money to charity – and not as just any “part,” but as the most important part, which inspires the rest of the Chanukah Gelt, and ultimately his entire being.

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Anonymous ny, ny December 15, 2009

thankyou I knew the rebbe encouraged giving chanuka gelt to students.

Now I see it and know what to tell them (the children). Reply

anonymous ny , ny December 11, 2009

wow beautiful Reply

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