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How Important is it to You?

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How Important is it to You?

In 1975, Mr. Bentzion Rader went on a business trip to Detroit, Michigan. While there, he met a non-observant Jew whom he convinced to put on Tefillin. After reporting this episode to the Rebbe, he found himself doing a little soul-searching of his own...
Tefillin, Tefillin Campaign, The Rebbe's, Lubavitcher Rebbe
How Important is it to You?
Disc 68, Program 271

Mr. Bentzion Rader was a practicing chartered accountant in London, England, for almost forty years. He enjoyed a personal relationship with the Rebbe from 1966, and was interviewed in his home three times between 2007 and 2010.

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STEFILLIN I am now 88 years old..have not laid tefillin since my barmitzvah!

Since it is never to late to re-learn, I am now starting. Reply

efraim london, uk January 20, 2010

very good good coordination mr rader bless you and your family Reply

Josh Chicago, IL November 30, 2009

wow! amazing!! Reply

Anonymous charleston, illnois November 21, 2009

how important it is to you what a beautiful blessing to them both... and such wisdom and concern from rebbe... perhaps, in due time i shall meet someone who will teach me the TORAH. Reply

Anonymous man, england November 17, 2009

absolutely amazing Reply

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