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The Rebbe's Apology
Why one should never feel that it is above their honor to apologize.
Should one move away from a post of influence in a Diaspora Jewish community in order to make Aliyah to Israel?
Exerting Effort Even After Seeing Success
To an organizer of community events for Jewish women, who commented to the Rebbe that it was "taking little effort on her part."
What Can be Achieved through Determination and Commitment
Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak has shown what a Jew can achieve when he is absolutely determined to live up to his commitment to Torah and Mitzvoth regardless of the circumstances
A Synagogue is Not Only for Prayer
It is well to bear in mind that the essential function of a synagogue is that it should serve as a "Lighthouse" to illuminate the life of the worshippers and their homes, as well as the whole environment.
If he needn't actually do anything, what's the honor?
Perfect harmony and full acceptance of a central authority might be the ideal, but ideals are usually the greatest obstacle in getting anything done
A Child's Cry
No matter one's personal greatness, it is always incumbent upon him to remain sensitive to the society around him.
As early as 1963, the Rebbe offered this analysis of the “return to roots” movement and proposed a plan of action.
A true leader is concerned with his people, from the young to the very old, the simple to the great.
There were certain statements that the Rebbe could not, and would not, tolerate
When Jews are united as one body, a Jew in a free land can provide life to a Jew living under oppression
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