This letter served as the Publisher’s Foreword to a collection of letters and talks of the Previous Rebbe mentioned in the previous letter.

[the conclusion of 5702]


Immediately upon his arrival in America two-and-a-half years ago, my revered father-in-law, the Rebbe shlita, began his untiring efforts to arouse American Jewry to teshuvah, Torah study, and good deeds. He made a clear statement that the harsh [heavenly] decrees being visited upon the Jews are “the birth pangs of Mashiach [spoken about by our Sages],1 and there is only one response which is:

Immediately to teshuvah. This path will lead immediately to redemption, the ultimate Redemption led by our righteous Mashiach, with kindness and mercy.

The words of my revered father-in-law, the Rebbe shlita, had an effect. In many different circles of the Jewish community, we saw a turn to teshuvah. Many different Jewish organizations included programs on teshuvah in their schedules.

To give everyone the opportunity to become familiar with the talks and letters of my master and father-in-law, the Rebbe shlita, concerning the call: “Immediately to repentance, immediately to Redemption,” we are publishing a sample of a selection from one of his talks, and one of his recent letters.

It is our hope and intent to rouse the Rabbis, the students of Torah, and indeed, anyone in a position of influence to respond to the call of my master and father-in-law, the Rebbe shlita, and utilize the days of Selichos and the coming Ten Days of Repentance for:

a) clarifying that the harsh [heavenly] decrees being visited upon the Jews are “the birth pangs of Mashiach” [spoken about by our Sages],2

b) encouraging [our people] to turn to G‑d in true teshuvah, and strengthening their observance of the Torah and its mitzvos,

c) explaining the concept of purifying the air [by refining its spiritual content] through the recitation of the words of the Torah, in particular mishnayos, wherever it is permitted to do so according to Torah law,

d) seeing to it that everyone joins one of the Societies for [the Recitation of] Tehillim (Psalms) which is, in turn, registered in the International Society for Tehillim in Jerusalem (may it be speedily rebuilt). In this manner, their prayers will include the entire Jewish people.

With wishes for an inscription for a good year, [a year in which we will merit the fulfillment of the promise:] “Immediately to teshuvah ; immediately to Redemption.”

Menachem Schneerson

Chairman of the Executive Committee