This letter was addressed to Rabbi Yisrael Jacobson who was one of the primary leaders of the Chabad community in the U.S. before — and after — the arrival of the Previous Rebbe.

B”H, 20 Shvat, 5699, Paris

Greetings and blessings,

Your letter written in the end of Teves arrived. As you requested, I sent a telegram to you on the day that I submitted the check for $1000 for collection. You no doubt received it at that time.

[I complied with your wishes,] although it involved an extra expense that served no purpose. By and large, all checks are submitted for collection on the day after they are received (unless it is Shabbos or the like). As such, in the future, it is easy to estimate the day on which checks have been submitted for collection. And the Torah takes into consideration the financial concerns of the Jewish people:1 of individuals, of the community, and of the Beis HaMikdash. As such, we also take such concerns into consideration….

M. Schneerson