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G-d and Us

What do we mean when we speak of “the divine presence”? Isn’t G‑d everywhere?
The Significance of the Number Seven
Why has G‑d chosen certain numbers for special significance?
Explaining Volcanic Eruptions and other Cosmic Catastrophes
Do we have the full picture?
The Rebbe explains why perspective is so important when dealing with catastrophes. And a fascinating exposition on the difference between “G-d is all” and “All is G-d.”
Can there be such a thing as an outraged atheist?
Mind and Heart, and where they converge.
When You Can't Do the Mitzvah
In Judaism, the deed is the primary thing. But sometimes the primary thing gets in the way.
Freedom of Choice vs. G-d's Omniscience
Is Freedom of Choice possible if G‑d knows everything that will happen?
Learning Chassidism Gives Ability to Believe
There are six mitzvahs which are constantly incumbent upon us; to fulfill them we must know the basics of Chassidic thought.
Responding to Bible Criticism
Logical explanations regarding the authenticity of Torah, and critiquing the Bible critics . . .
Judaism: Because We Were Told, or Because We Understand?
Although many of the mitzvahs can be rationally understood even in accordance with contemporary moral ethics, is this how and why they should be fulfilled?
Are We to Have Blind Faith?
Does Jewish tradition demand blind faith, or are the Jewish people expected to question and ultimately understand all aspects of their faith?
Does accepting our tradition mean that we cannot understand it?
Every Nation with Its Mission
If one considers the world in which we live, the world at large, as well as the small world, namely man, it becomes evident that there is no uniformity, but many differences, both external as well as internal.
How Important Am I?
Is there any significance in the distinction between how man and all other beings were created? See how one individual can change the world.
Can Morality Be Man Made?
Did we really need G-d to tell us not to murder and steal? The Rebbe asks us to take a deeper look at our assumptions about "simple human decency."
Yoke of Heaven
How to reconcile what seems to be blind religious observance with fundamental rationalism.
Have you ever regreted a good deed?
Having already discussed the intellectual reasons for belief in G-d, the Rebbe spells out the other reasons for leading a Torah-true life
Is the misbehavior of some religious Jews reason to reject the truth of the Torah?
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