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Family Life

On Judaism and People With Disabilities
Correspondence of the Rebbe and Dr. Robert Wilkes, at the time director of the Child Development Center at the Coney Island Hospital, on the subject of assisting children with special needs.
The Childless Woman’s Role in Judaism
A feminist asks: if Judaism stresses a woman's role as a mother, what is a woman’s purpose if she cannot physically have children?
A Mother’s Primary Priority
"You write about [a woman in your community], who would like to open a shop and, presumably, would want to manage it personally..."
When Health is in Conflict With Social Activism
The Rebbe responds to a woman about rushing to purchase a home and what takes precedence: one’s health or one’s activism on behalf of others.
Parents want the best for their children and are willing to go great lengths to ensure their wellbeing. Keeping family purity is in the best interest of the children.
What can we do when children seem to be nervous and uninterested in their studies?
Tackling inborn difficulties and successfully overcoming hardships.
The privileges and responsibilities of the Jewish women, the “Akeres Habayis,” are so great, that it is she who has the tremendous merit of determining the atmosphere of the home. A special message for “the thinking Jewess.”
From Daughter to Mother
The important steps to be made in the transition from a Jewish daughter to a Jewish mother…
Is the fact that a young man wears a beard reason for alarm or is it cause for admiration?
The miracle of Purim demonstrates the greatness of the Jewish women to such an extent that the Megillah is not named after Mordechai, or even Mordechai and Esther together, but only Esther.
The Rebbe’s prescription for a troubled marriage
You should immediately find out if she is keeping the Laws of Family Purity as Jewish daughters should keep them.
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