...Since “Because of our sins, we were exiled from our land,” with all the occurrences that are connected with Exile, it is understood that the only way to go out of Exile, and while in Exile - to decrease the unwanted occurrences, is to remove the cause - “Because of our sins.” Only then is there room to think of what can also be done in the natural way.

There is a well known parable and example for this:

When a person jumps into boiling water, it will lead to unavoidable consequences and pain for his skin, flesh, bones, etc. One can understand that it is senseless to put cream on his skin or give him pills to cool his temperature, etc., thereby achieving nothing, or not achieving as much as could be achieved if he would be taken out of the boiling water. Only once he is taken out of the boiling water can we, and should we, do everything possible to heal him from the wounds that the boiling water has caused. And the lesson learned from this parable is understood.

It is also self understood, that in my writing to you, I didn’t intend to deal with this philosophically, but what is important is regarding practical deed.


(Igros Kodesh, Vol XXVII, p. 448)