14 Tammuz, 5732

Since you come from the Alter Heim [the old home] and you saw a true Jewish life in the Shtetl [Village], which has become engraved in your memory and outlook, as one can tell from your writing, then most importantly you should see to it that every person who you can reach will progress in areas of Yiddishkeit. Meaning, very simply, in living according to Torah and fulfilling the Mitzvot in day-to-day life. The start to achieving this is by showing a living example, that however good things are, one can always do more, so that it should be even better. A living example has the best effect, especially when it is followed with, “Words that come from the heart,” which according to the promise of our Sages, of blessed memory, “enter the heart,” and won’t be for naught.

And we see in practice, that when it comes from a Jew who is not a Rabbi or preacher, etc., it has a greater effect.

May it be G‑d’s will, that you should be able to share good tidings in everything that was written above.

With respect and blessing.


(Igros Kodesh, Vol XXVII, p. 448)