This letter was sent to R. Azriel Zelig Slonim, one of the leaders of the Lubavitch community in Jerusalem.

26 Tammuz, 5711,

Greetings and blessings,

… f) With regard to the public study sessions of Chassidus, you do not write where study sessions are already being held and where it is necessary to establish them. In order that no one encroaches on another’s field of activity, it would be proper for you to take counsel with [all the following:] the chassidic mentor, R. Shlomo Yosef Zevin, [the directorate of] Collel Chabad, [Yeshivas] Toras Emes, and members of the Chabad synagogues in Jerusalem, and develop a program. When you inform me about such a program, I will try to do what is possible [to provide financial support].

g) With regard to the form for the free-loan fund of the Collel: In my opinion, as I stated in my previous letter,1 the name should be Keren Gemilus Chassadim Merkazis Shel Collel Chabad, Jerusalem, ת"ו, [“The Central Free-Loan Fund of Collel Chabad, Jerusalem, May it be rebuilt and reestablished,”] or in a reverse order, so that Collel Chabad will be first — Collel Chabad and below that Keren Gemilus Chassadim Merkazis Shel Collel Chabad.

h) With regard to issuing a proclamation [with the intent of raising money] for the free-loan fund, this point can be included in the general proclamation2 that, should you desire, could be issued for the coming Rosh HaShanah, i.e., that you should add the following paragraph:

In particular, I would like to motivate our friends, the members of the chassidic brotherhood in every place that they are found, concerning the most important activity of Collel Chabad: the central free-loan fund that it operates. As is well known, [providing such loans] is one of the highest levels of tzedakah.3 In particular, this is true because the principal that is given by the donors remains intact, with the loans being given and then given again several times [after they are repaid]. Thus every time, [the donors’] money is being used for this important endeavor.

i) I received a telegram from you that you are planning to organize a large-scale farbrengen for the Days of Redemption, Yud-Beis/Yud-Gimmel Tammuz, and you requested a blessing. At the time, I answered you via telegram. I would be interested in knowing the details of that farbrengen.

j) In that telegram, I added a note about publicizing my opinion regarding the elections.4 Undoubtedly, this was done in an appropriate manner.

With blessings for success in your holy work and with greetings to all the members of the executive committee,