This letter was addressed to R. Shalom Rivkin who served as the Rabbi of the Nusach HaAri congregation in S. Louis at that time.

24 Sivan, 5711,

Greetings and blessings,

I received your letter of 11 Sivan. I was happy to see that — at least to a certain extent — you have organized your pattern of study and that you were also able to organize the matter of the mikveh;1 it is difficult to imagine how great a matter this is. It is well known what is written about this in Shaalos U’Teshuvos Min HaShamayim,2 the maamar entitled Tachas Asher Lo Avadita in Likkutei Torah3 (note the kovetz in the Siddur Meah Shaarim, p. 45),4 and similarly, in many texts….

The goal that you are endeavoring to achieve, that several of your distinguished students should exile themselves to a place of Torah, is very proper. It is self-understood that if it is impossible to motivate them to travel to New York, it is certainly worthwhile, as a trailblazing act, that they should at least go to a yeshivah in Chicago. Afterwards, you can work on the idea that at least some of them should go to New York….

With blessings for the successful fulfillment of your holy mission amidst prosperity and for speedily finding a marriage partner who is appropriate both materially and spiritually.

M. Schneerson