This letter was addressed to “the children of the graduating class” and their parents. It was sent to various Jewish educational institutions throughout the United States.

15 Sivan, 5711,
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Greetings and blessings,

I send my greetings to all the students of the graduating class who will be advancing to higher classes and programs in their holy program of education.

The summer vacation, the days of resting and refreshing one’s potentials, are beginning. They are used to marshal new energies for the next semester that is coming.

You, dear children, must know that vacation does not mean an interruption — cutting oneself off — from study and education. A Jewish child cannot be without Torah study or Jewish education for even one day, whether in the summer or the winter. On the contrary, taking into consideration the many hours of free time students have in the long summer days, you should use them to solidly review the material that you have studied already and to prepare yourself to [advance] further on your way, the way of the Torah and its mitzvos.

In this way, you will — together with marshalling new physical powers — generate fresh spiritual powers. The two together, and particularly the spiritual powers, will make a person complete and healthy.

To you, Jewish parents, who always carry the dual responsibility as parents and teachers, must remember that, especially during the summer, the entire responsibility [for the child’s education] falls on you.

I send you my blessing that G‑d will grant you, dear children, [together with] your parents, teachers, and educators, material and spiritual health, with much nachas, Jewish nachas, amidst tranquility for the body and tranquility for the soul.

With blessings for a healthy summer — in both a material and spiritual sense,

M. Schneerson