This letter was sent to R. Yom Tov Freilech.

25 Iyar, 5711,
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Greetings and blessings,

It was with satisfaction that I read your letter in which you write about the growth and success of the work of YeshivasAchei Temimim in Boston and about your ongoing work and support for the yeshivah.

I still remember your warm words when we met for a short while after the passing of my revered father-in-law, the Rebbe זצוקללה"ה, נבג"ם, זי"ע, concerning his institutions. I am certain that in the future you will continue your good work for the institutions of my revered father-in-law, the Rebbe זצוקללה"ה, נבג"ם, זי"ע, and [also] influence your friends and acquaintances, drawing them into this work. This itself will — as is written in holy texts — bring about success in your personal endeavors.

With regard to your question and proposal concerning building a few more rooms in the same building where the yeshivah is presently located, because the present location is too confined and the yeshivah is unable to accept all the students who wish to enroll: [The difficulty is that it will cost] several thousand dollars, and some of the members [of the board] doubt whether this should be done.

Aside from the fact that in and of itself, students who want to enter a yeshivah and study should not be turned away, doing so would, Heaven forbid, tarnish the good name of the yeshivah. Consequently, it would cause a financial loss to the yeshivah. Thus as you describe the situation, there is no alternative other than building the rooms in the yeshivah’s existing building. Certainly, the other members [of the board] will agree to this. May G‑d grant success in this endeavor.

We are now close to the days of Shavuos, the Season of the Giving of our Torah. The Midrash relates1 that before the Giving of the Torah, G‑d asked for guarantors. He did not accept the guarantee of the holy Patriarchs or the shepherds of Israel as satisfactory. Only when the Jews promised that their children would be their guarantors — [and that] they, [the parents], would study the Torah with them and educate them in Judaism — did G‑d agree to give the holy Torah.

This must be a lesson for all of us. One of the preparations for receiving the Torah is strengthening the work of educating Jewish children.

Please communicate my greetings and blessings to all the teachers in the yeshivah and all those who support it materially and spiritually, in particular, to the chassidic mentors, Rabbis Zuber and Kastel.

With blessings for receiving the Torah with joy and inner feeling.

Enclosed is the sichah for Lag BaOmer2 that was published recently. I am certain that it will interest you.